Career Changer? Think Chiropractic.

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With hundreds of thousands of Americans being laid off from their jobs each of the past few months, many workers are likely reconsidering their career path and what the prospects of employment in their field will be over the next few years.

woman studentIn retailing alone about one third of those jobs have disappeared since late summer, many of which will likely never be replaced.

As disheartening as this news can be, there is one aspect of unemployment that can be beneficial: a career change. Particularly for employees who have little chance of pursuing new opportunities in their chosen field, making a career move now can be highly beneficial later. Better job. More money. Improved job satisfaction.

One area experiencing tremendous growth is the area of chiropractic care. One school, Parker College of Chiropractic, recently announced the launch of a recruiting campaign targeting career changers and other potential students. The school asserts that chiropractic education is a viable and valuable step in a new successful career venture for people seeking real change.

Parker’s chiropractic school provides new career pathways in one of the fastest growing industries in the country; currently, 52% of chiropractors own their own practices. Chiropractic education is especially appealing for people returning from military service, those interested in medical and alternative healthcare professions, and avid learners who want to participate in world-renowned chiropractic research.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment is expected to grow faster than average because of increasing consumer demand for alternative health care.” From the same report: “Employment of chiropractors is expected to increase 14% between 2006 and 2016, faster than the average for all occupations. Projected job growth stems from increasing consumer demand for alternative health care.”

The Parker College of Chiropractic education consists of training for a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness.

Other benefits offered at the chiropractic school include advanced chiropractic business and practice building courses, clinical experience in the first trimester, a technologically-advanced campus (featuring web-enabled classrooms, lectured podcasts, and wireless access), and an award-winning research facility whose partnerships include Harvard, Yale, the University of Alabama, and other world-renowned facilities.

Students at Parker’s chiropractic school will receive clinical experience beginning in the first trimester, including a clinic abroad program.

So if you are considering a career change, a chiropractic education could be right for you. And, with wellness being one of the most important parts to healthy living, a career in the chiropractic field could be one of the most secure going forward.

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50 Comments on "Career Changer? Think Chiropractic."

  1. Sally 01/29/2009 at 11:30 am ·

    This is a great article on Parker College of Chiropractic and getting the word out there for career changers and/or people looking for a new profession. Parker has some videos located at for those that would like to know more!

  2. MattK 01/29/2009 at 11:34 am ·

    Thanks, Sally! I am sure our readers will check it out.

    People are looking for options today and chiropractic care may be of interest to some. Come to think of it, I think it is time for an adjustment!

  3. Christof 02/05/2009 at 7:55 am ·

    People really have to be careful of public relations articles like this that aren’t factual but merely serve to lure people into chiropractic school. According to the noted career advisor Marty Nemko PhD chiropractic is an over rated career and should be avoided due to rampant quackery, high student loan debt, low earnings and no real growth.

    Why would the Bureau of Labor and Statistics report growth when there is none? Chiropractic institutions and groups cherry pick survey statistics and then feed them to government agencies who don’t fact check carefully. Then they use the sources as references for a glowing review to use for admissions materials.

    Students avoid chiropractic like the plague or you will probably end up a dissatisfied quack making low pay with high student loan debts.

    Join up with the discussion board (Chirotalk) to discuss.

  4. Ken 02/12/2009 at 5:26 pm ·

    Christof, While you are certainly welcome to your opinion, I’d like the opportunity to defend chiropractic to those reading your review of the above article.

    Your first paragraph used words such as overrated career, quackery, low earnings and no real growth. What career isn’t overrated? I’m guessing those that are underrated? And, according to one person I’ve never heard of, it is overrated? Maybe I should buy his infomercial, book, seminar, and other marketing collateral and review all of it before I’m convinced :)

    BTW, Marty Nemko PhD, the person that you hold in such high regard, has the Bureau of Labor Statistics on his web page titled “My Ratings of Career Web Sites” with the first line reading: There are at least 40,000 career web sites. Here are evaluations of 37 of noteworthy ones. There are five ratings with BLS receiving the second highest rating he gives and listed under the top/heading “To Research a Field or Employer.”

    So, what do we believe? The sites that he refers us to as credible or his opinion of a field he knows nothing about?

    In your second paragraph, you say chiropractic institutions cherry pick statistics? I would bet money that any school, organization, company, industry picks their most flattering facts to inform the public. It is called marketing.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics is not an agency that just takes someone’s word for it. I can’t vouge for what is entailed for their fact checking, but it is definetely the best source I know of to toot your own horn in the career area. Maybe they article should have quoted a chiropractic magazine or Vogue/Seventeen/Hustler for credibility? Do you have any suggestions?

    Regarding your third paragraph, you are correct, not all chiropractors will make tons of money. Just like any other degree can’t guarantee money falls in your lap. You have to work at it. And, if you take out student loans, you will have student load debt, just like any other higher education debt. I would hope anyone furthering their education was already aware of the costs involved in any degree before applying.

    If you want a fulfulling career in health care serving your patients without the use of drugs, needles, and surgeries, then by all means you should explore chiropractic as an option.

    I don’t think this article sends anyone running to the chiropractic schools, but does help make them aware of their options in the health care industry.

    Here is the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2008-2009 Occupational Outlook Handbook:

  5. Ken 02/12/2009 at 5:31 pm ·

    and before i am given the third degree – i realize the “vouge” error since I was already on my next sentence and thinking “Vogue.”

  6. Rich 04/04/2009 at 2:37 am ·

    I have just graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic. I can tell you that if you are seriously considering a career in musculoskeletal medicine, you are better off going to Osteopathic or Physical Therapy school or becoming a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor (MD). Parker, specifically, is extremely– almost INSANELY– expensive. Me and my classmates graduated with $150,000 of student loan debt, and about half of that was accumulating while we were in school. I have contacted the bank and if I want to pay that loan off in ten years, it will require about $1,800 per month. Though it doesn’t make sense, medical school is actually much, much cheaper. At the most expensive medical schools in this country, graduates will come out with about $150K in loans, but will have much, much more options to make a living than a Chiropractor.

    The school also has relatively low admission standards (2.5 GPA) and Chiropractors are being reimbursed less and less every year (like clockwork) by third party payers. Medicare currently pays $22 for spinal manipulation and won’t reimburse for exercise, X-rays, or a physical exam. Other insurance companies are following medicare’s lead.

    While the purposed growth in the field may be entirely accurate, it doesn’t mean there’s going to be 14% growth in chiropractic JOBS. It just means that schools are really trying to market hard and get new students in, and they will probably succeed to the amount of 14% growth. Obviously, this is a problem considering that only 7 to 9% of the U.S. population sees chiros and more graduates means more competition. Also, you have no prayer of financial success unless you open your own practice, which will require a business loan. All those loans start adding up, which is why chiropractic has the highest student loan DEFAULT RATE of all the health sciences. Besides, many of my fellow students went to many banks asking for a business loan and were turned down because they had $150,000 in loans already and were told they were a “risk” because they are new chiropractors and could very well default. I decided to work as an associate chiropractor for a guy who owns his own business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. My compensation for my first year? $28,000 for 55 hours per week of work and no health benefits. You can ask any new chiro grad in the area; my deal is standard. Sure, there are a few big success stories for every hundred or so graduates, but that doesn’t justify the high tuition cost, especially when as many as 50% of Parker graduates are doing something else for a living within five years.

    If you are thinking about chiropractic because you really want to be a Parker-graduate chiropractor, by all means, attend. But, if you have a problem with extremely high student loans, the stress of owning your own business, declining compensation by insurance, you may want to rethink your decision. I’m not trying to be unfair; just realistic. I’m just telling you what the school never told me before I signed up.

  7. Christof 04/09/2009 at 6:58 pm ·


    I just noticed your response several months later.
    It strikes me hilarious that chiropractic is so pathetic that it has to use the problems in other fields to deflect from its own problems. What career isn’t overrated? Gee, all we have to so is to go Dr. Nemko’s website and there are about 20 of them. Moreover, the fact that other fields have problems in no way makes the presence of major troubles in chiropractic any less problematic, putting graduates at major risk for defaulted student loans and career dissatisfaction for having a limited career and quacks for colleagues.

    I know for a fact that BLS doesn’t verify information given by trade organizations because I spoke to one of their economists so your assumption that this isn’t true is nonsense-like the rest of your post.

    My earlier comments and position is unchanged. You should be ashamed of yourself for misleading students into a dead end career.

  8. John S. 04/29/2009 at 2:31 pm ·

    Wow… this is amazing! I’m glad to see that so many people are calling into questions Parker’s efforts to bring in new students. I don’t know who “Rich” is (probably not his real name), but I am like him in that I graduated from Parker in 2008. The school is a total money mill. Everything was based around getting the school more money, ESPECIALLY bringing in new students. Every new students is the equivalent of 150,000 for the school. That’s a massive student loan bill and those payment dues come every month!! After seeing the first one, I was blown away that it was almost $2,000. I had to call the bank and me loans are now in deferment based on the new laws that contend if you aren’t making enough money, you only have to pay a percentage of what you make. I’m an associate doctor (chiropractor) for another chiro in Plano, so I stayed in the DFW Metroplex. I bring home about $2,500 a month, which is about $30,000 a year. I have to go to malls and stand in kiosks trying to bring in new patients. It’s humiliating, but I get about a patient a day doing it, so I guess it works okay. Chiropractors really do eat their young, so either go for the big business loan, or get into a different field. Right now, I guess I’m stuck! Oh, and don’t attend Parker. They lie about your prospects out of school, making you think you’ll be fabulously wealthy. I should have just stayed in my old career. :(

  9. Recent chiro grad 05/13/2009 at 11:51 pm ·

    Do Not Attend Chiropractic School. I have made numerous attempts to justify my degree but in all honesty it simply is not worth it. It is neary impossible to practice ethically and generate enough income to service massive student loan debt. Chiropractic Schools should be held accountable for their fraudulant marketing practices.

  10. Mike 05/28/2009 at 6:26 pm ·

    Forget chiropractic unless you are really salesman at heart. If you do it for the love of helping others, you will be sadly mistaken. Since graduating 12 years ago from Cleveland in LA, I can vouch for chiropractic being a dead-end for most. I never made more than $40,000 a year and many years less than that as an associate. The hassles of managed care and constant advertising and trying to bring in and keep patients is exhausting. The lack of respect from the Medical community and the Public is constant. I finally decided to go after my registered nursing degree. Guess what? my education that ended up growing to now over $300,000 in student loan debt was worth zero as far as transfer to a higher degree. I had to take all the sciences again. Chiropractic applies to chiropractic only. You cannot be a physical therapist, you cannot be an x-ray tech, you cannot be a lab tech, you cannot translate your learning into any other paying field. If you work as an associate you will be lucky to make over $35,000 a year, and if you have your own office you make a meager profit. I ended up without even a Bachelors degree. Now, one more year to go to become an RN. Finally, looks like I might make a living just in time to start saving for retirement. The student loans will likely never be paid while I am still alive. A life-long prison that overshadows any financial planning or shifting money to where it pays the highest interest. What is the point?

  11. Sam 06/14/2009 at 2:30 am ·

    I have to agree with the detractors, chiropractic is a nightmare. I look back on my life and all the negatives in my life (divorce, broke, depression) are a direct result of chiropractic. Yes, the schools paint a rosey picture to lure you in and keep you in when you have doubts. The schools treat students like most chiros treat their patients, Get The Money! That is all they care about. I regret the day I decided to pursue this worthless profession. The only guys I know doing well scam artists who finacially rape every patient they can get their hands on. I cannot discourage prospective students enough, I only wish someone would have warned me….

  12. As a 1998 graduate of Parker I disagree with the negative comments made here. Chiropractic practice provides me a great, ethical living while enabling me to alleviate pain and the debilitating conditions of my patients.

  13. Chris - Parker grad 2005 07/16/2009 at 7:27 pm ·

    I just stumbled across this site. I can’t BELIEVE that Parker is so hard up for students that they have to try to SELL you on the concept that becoming a chiropractor is profitable. There’s a reason they have to sell that concept; because as the economy gets worse and worse, more and more chiropractors are closing their doors and doing something else. Now Obama is changing health care and projections are that only essential services will be reimbursable. Now you have to ask yourself before you throw down $140 grand: does the general public see Chiropractic as essential? If chiro isn’t deemed essential, it won’t be covered by insurance and about HALF of these chiro clinics you see on every corner will shut down. Bye bye chiropractic. And you’ll still be stuck with those student loans (Mine are $1700 per month for 20 years. I wonder what YOURS will be if you start now….) It’s a recipe for disaster. I should know… I graduated from Parker in 2005 and almost half of my class no longer practices. Those still in chiropractic are struggling and barely scraping by. Many have admitted to defaulting on thier loans, or at least coming close to it. I’m making plans to get out of chiropractic. I’ve heard there’s a Nurse Practitioner program made to help chiros move on but still stay in health care. We’ll see. Never thought I’d have to go to school TWICE just to get by, but I’ve given chiropractic a shot.

  14. Steve 08/06/2009 at 8:22 am ·

    I am a chiropractor practicing for the past 10 years, and like those on this site, I feel I am working for peanuts and trying to pay my loan which was 100k.. I have to work two jobs just to whittle this massive debt. However where I feel I have been most taken advantage of is the insurance companies. From my experience my skills are wanted by many, they just don’t want to pay for it. Why should they, their copay at the physical therapists office is $15 dollars, they don’t care that their insurance company reimbursed the therapist $105 bucks, it’s not out of the patients pocket the patient says. Face it, many people want chiropractic, it’s more effective than physical therapy, it’s just not reimbursed $120 dollars per visit like P.T. because in most states in which insurance will pay, the therapist is required to get a doctors referral. Doesn’t matter that the therapist has a DPT, doctor in front of their name, they still need a referral for insurance to pay. I do feel that chiropractic schools should use the vast sums of money they have to influence state laws and insurance companies to pay us properly to pay off our enormous school debt. Face it, if physical therapists were paid a measly $10 to $20 dollars that I am reimbursed by insurance companies, they would be struggling just like I am relying mostly on a cash practice.

  15. Don't be a chiropractor 08/21/2009 at 11:30 pm ·

    Like others on this blog, I graduated and quickly realized this was a VERY wrong choice. If you are a good salesman you may be able to make a living at chiropractic. But if you are a good salesman go sell something else where you don’t have to spend $100,000 to get into the field. I remember when I graduated and told people, “If I knew this was what chiropractic was going to be like I would have become a real estate agent.” This article is totally misleading. It is extremely hard to make it as a chiro. I am now a teacher and I am about $200 away from paying off my $140,000 student loan debt. If you want to ruin your life become a chiropractor. If you are over 30 years old and decide to change your career to chiropractic, you will be in debt the rest of your life. DON”T BECOME A CHIROPRACTOR!!!

  16. Bill 09/03/2009 at 6:24 pm ·

    Well, as usual, the defense of chiropractic gets skewed with the arguement of whether joint manipulation in the appropriate sense is justified therefore ethical. Chiropractic and joint manipulation are not synonomous. Chiropractic is the unethical marketing and practice of joint manipulation. So ‘what’ chiropractors do is not inherently bad but rather ‘why’ they do it. So the field of Chiropractic is not ethical to begin with. As far as Parker goes well it’s not worse/better than any other Chiropractic school. They run up the bill, over sell the career prospects and do very little afterword to benefit even the field of Chiropractic. These “research” projects are useless. They’ve contributed nothing to the practice of chiropractic. Parker’s teachers make extra money testifying as expert witnessess AGAINST local chiropractors that they taught!!! The school now represents nothing more than an egocentric expression of it’s current President. Don’t believe me just look at the current alumni magazine and count how many pictures have him in it. It’s very, very silly.

    Anyone considering chiropractic as a career should look elsewhere not b/c it’s not possible to make a lot of money as a chiropractor. It is. It’s b/c it’s the exception to the rule to make a lot of money (I mean $75K or above) as a chiro. If you believe you are an exceptional student/business person then fine…choose a career field that has better averages just in case you’re not as exceptional as you think.

    This propoganda about chiropractic was out there for decades and it’s deceiving. Most chiro’s that practice are too embarrassed to tell you the truth face to face. Just read and ask yourself do you really want to be an alternative to science, medicine and modern healthcare? An alternative to that? It’s not perfect but at least it’s real.
    .-= Bill´s last blog ..Threadless Tshirt Giveaway at =-.

  17. rick 09/23/2009 at 5:15 pm ·

    i practiced in california for 12+ years … having to struggle every year … my pta friend makes more money with half the years and is able to travel … many associates say the same thing .. some are no longer practicing … for every position that pays 2-3 K amonth 30 applicants

  18. JC 10/07/2009 at 1:42 pm ·

    hEY EVERYONE, I am here reading this article and I am laughing my ass off. Maybe I should not laugh since I am a TRI IV in chiropractic school . I made the shift to this profession as one of my frineds suggested it three years ago. The whole time that I have been here nothing else goes thru my head but the enormous amount of bullcrap that this school and profession tries to instill in their student with hopes of making thousands of dollars if you become a chiropracor. This is all bullcrap. I come from a real estate background where I sold houses to a lot of people in an ethical decent way. My income was great with zero debt, now I am thinking damn stupid school debt I don’t need this shit on my back eveyrday of my life. I am a great adjuster I think is just that I have a psychomotor skill , that’s all . I can set up a practice and call it something else and get proper certification to touch people, without having to incurred all that debt.. this is bullshit I think I am going to drop the hell out and go into my real estate dream and learn about land development.. Chiropractic can be done without having to be here just watch a video on adjustments and learn how to bullshhit people.. Seriously… I watch all these kids my age and they are brainwashed with similar stories described in some of your comments.. I am almost halfway in this field but I rather get the hell out now and be debt free when I am 29 and continue to do real estate investment.
    .-= JC´s last blog ..Threadless Tshirt Giveaway at =-.

  19. JC 10/07/2009 at 1:48 pm ·

    By the way I attend TExas Chiropractic School .. what ever you do don’t go to that school.. it is a horrible place full of weirdos.. one guy just came of the penintentiary to become a chiropractr.. this field is hilarious.. my uncle who recently passesd away was in the palm reading business he used to make thousands of dollars bullshiting believers .. guess what his school loans were zero .. he did not even go to school he was just street smart..Education is a business to enslave you to unneccessary interest acrruing evryday of your life..
    .-= JC´s last blog ..Threadless Tshirt Giveaway at =-.

  20. Chiroquackery 10/21/2009 at 12:16 pm ·

    I graduated Life University in 1997. This profession is nothing but a joke. These schools just keep pumping out chiros and the mainstream population hardly utilizes our services 4%-10%. The insurance companies are nothing but crooks, every year seems to get worse. Not matter how you decide to practice its a sham. Your lying to people with the mumbo-jumbo your taught at these seminars by these so called ‘gurus’ who charge a fortune to learn there secrets on becoming a chiropractic sucess. Its pathetic. “Chiropractors eat there young.” is an understatement. I feel for anyone considering this profession or in school right now, there is nothing you can do with your degree, its a dead end career. The only thing you can do with a degree is maybe teach at one of these worthless schools and make maybe $30,000. I have friends who are chiros and they all feel the same way, they were sold a farse. The problem is your stuck because of this crappy degree. Its horrible. No matter which way you slice your a salesman theif. That pretty much this profession has pumped out in the last 25-30 years is some creative sales people. Just look in any chiropractic journals at the ads, There are so many chiropractic ads for coaches and nonsense in this profession. And the money it cost to get this degree is outrageous. Dont become a chiropractor you’ll be making a huge mistake!!!!

  21. James 10/25/2009 at 6:10 am ·

    I just checked out the profile of Grant Stowell that commented earlier on this.

    You have to be kidding me!!. You dropped out of med school to go to chiropractor school!?!? That is absolutely the stupidest/silliest thing I have ever heard in my life. He must have failed out of med school, and then did chiropractic. You question the medical establishment, and yet not once you question the chiropractic establishment??
    .-= James´s last blog ..Threadless Tshirt Giveaway at =-.

  22. JC 11/05/2009 at 1:58 pm ·

    I am going to do the same thing as Dr. Grant only that I will be saying that I dropped out of chiro because I realize the incongruences of this profession after I really horrible adjustment that led me to not be able to continue, It also led me to question like any chiro student the validity of the profession.

  23. Demnnis Foreman 11/19/2009 at 1:20 am ·


    I can understand your bitterness as that adjustment has dramatically affected your ability to write and think cogently as well.
    .-= Demnnis Foreman´s last blog ..Pegasus Soars Again =-.

  24. JC 12/09/2009 at 12:21 pm ·

    I understand your concern but I am not bitter towards the profession. I am a bit concerned about the system that allows all these schools to be set up to teach something that many Nurse practicioners , medical doctors (the real doctors) and physical therapists, and regular nurses are now doing by attending weekend seminars on manipulation . Go to spinal manipulation institute, and see what I am talking about..

  25. Life Grad 12/10/2009 at 12:40 pm ·

    I graudated from Life University. I owe close to 189k and practiced for less than 2 years. I was very poor growing up and wanted to go back to school so I could change my life for the better. Chiropractic was a bad choice for me. I do not think the profession should not existent. Chiropractors adjust for a living and they are the best at it. But I’ve never seen a profession with so much controversy and one that is almost a religion or lifestyle. Ask 5 people what chiropractors do and you will get 5 different answers. I will regret my decision until the day I die. The only good thing I have to say is that the adjustment (manipulation – whatever you want to call it) is neat because it is done by hand and can be done anywhere). If you like helping people like I do, then it can be rewarding. But definitely not work the cost. What I can’t understand is how these schools continue to get loan money to give students with so many chiro students defaulting. SAD.

  26. Will 12/11/2009 at 3:05 pm ·

    What a circle jerk for bitter people with no work ethic. You have to cause success with work no matter the profession you choose. I think most people that fail in practice do so for the same reason their family lives crumble. They are bitter and have no work ethic.

  27. PalmerGrad 01/27/2010 at 12:48 am ·

    I graduated Palmer Iowa about 10 years ago with 96k in student loan debt. I knew about 7th trimester (out of 10) that I did not want to practice Chiropractic. About half way through I came to the conclusion that all the adjusting techniques and beliefs were mythical nonsense. After despairing I checked out the non force techniques and found them to be even more absurd. I could find nothing within the profession that I could believe in and sell to people (and sell you must!). After spinning my wheels making virtually no money for 3 years I finally moved on into medical imaging where after only about 4 years I make about as much as the average Chiropractor. It took 2 years to get into this field and my student loan principal climbed to 113k because it could not be deferred by going to a “lower” level of education. I have now paid a total of 43k on my student loan and still owe 109k. It’s simply unbelievable. Keep in mind prospective students that you will pay back around twice as much as you borrow. If you were in your early twenties and decided to get into a medical field like imaging or nursing, by the time you reached 35 if you invested wisely you would be far better off than most Chiropractors.

    I am proud of myself for leaving Chiropractic. Of course, it wasn’t a choice for me. I couldn’t live with myself. I didn’t even believe what I was selling.

    The hardest part now is trying to constantly explain to people why I don’t practice Chiropractic. Most people I know really believe that Chiropractic is scientific and that we sit there in school learning the “science” of adjusting for 4 years. Of course, that’s not what it is at all, but what Chiropractors talk about behind closed doors amongst themselves is different than what people in the public hear. Truth is there isn’t a Chiropractor alive who has any idea what the hell they are doing because there is next to no science behind it at all. I know that for some people manipulation helps and for that reason I don’t completely condemn the profession. Some friends of mine are honest Chiropractors that do fairly well but they went through hell. Others I know are making a fortune but what they do is unethical and based on sheer nonsense. They believe in what they do though, so to them it doesn’t seem unethical. To me it’s snake oil.

    Don’t become a Chiropractor. Don’t make the mistake that we all did. It is a very foolish profession on countless levels. I commend all who have given their stories and told the truth. I used to be one of those work student people who called prospective students. It’s true that the entire goal was to reach a quota of students to drive into the school. Baboons were perfectly acceptable. Anyone willing to take out a loan is taken in. I originally got into Chiropractic because I thought there was something scientifically valid that I could learn and use to help people. All I got was a hill of beans and a mountain of debt.

  28. suzie 02/03/2010 at 6:38 pm ·


    My husband graduated chiropractic college 21 yrs, ago.Valadictorian,Magna Cum Laude,Omega Psi Honors,National Honors, ect. $150,000 student loans have turned into $ 500,000 because of penalties and interest. This profession has not allowd us the privalege of affording to even pay the student loans.You are discriminated against in the medical proffesion.We ave been in the same location for 15 yrs,and still stuggle to pay our bills.He has a referral based practice, we no longer can afford to accept insurance because of the horrible reduction in submittrd charges, along with the required 5 page narrative explaining the neccesity of the Spinal Manipulation for that patient.Aso the normal turn around time is about 90-120 days to get that reduced check.We sold our x-ray unit because the Health department decided that Chiropractors were not qualified and tripled the yearly fee’s along with huge fines for minor infractions.You are much better off becoming a Physical Therapist that takes 2 yrs. of school.They get more respect and make as much money.If you are a crook, the only way to make money as a Chiropractor.Go for the Scalple&specialize neuro.
    .-= suzie´s last blog ..Parents Guilty in Teenage Son’s Death =-.

  29. suzie 02/03/2010 at 7:06 pm ·

    At 50 Yrs. old My Doctor of Chiropractic husband cannt use his 6 yrs. of education towards any other proffesion. He is a great Chiropractor that has Patients that come from other states to see him. A wonderfull people person, and so should have used his mind & money and yrs. of college and gifts on being a neurosugeon, He has led a miserable life because of this proffession, the disrespect, and discrimination. There was a very wealthy Chiropractor that influenced him to take this road. Many tried to change his gifted mind.He very soon learned that you cannot be an honest Christian to make a healthy living in this field.He has spent 21 years of being ashamed,6 yrs, of college and he doesn’t even have a bachelor’s degree.Chiropractors are great Doctors and help alot of people.Society still does not think so. Very little value is given to a Chiropractic Physician.OH yes . This yr. a law was passed that they can call themselves a Physician.If you want the best Diagnostic Physician, go to a Chiropractor.I am not saying at all that they are less than any M.D. You actually have more hours than an M.D. Just no Pharmacology. M.D.’s are starving to. “Young people” If you want the respect and the money you have to be a surgeon.
    .-= suzie´s last blog ..Parents Guilty in Teenage Son’s Death =-.

  30. suzie 02/03/2010 at 7:39 pm ·

    These colleges that charge soooo much tuition. Chiropractic Institutions should be held accountable, this blog and others sent to the government and these loans forgiven. These Chiropractic Institutions have scammed the students, and continue to do so.
    .-= suzie´s last blog ..Parents Guilty in Teenage Son’s Death =-.

  31. suzie 02/03/2010 at 7:55 pm ·

    I guess I am really bitter and angry that Parker is trying to pull our son and daughters coming back from serving our country in that hell.Our son is being deployed in two weeks.Parker is trying to suck in their Benefits. If my husband could have made enough money in the chiropractic proffession to our son through college, he wouldn’t be going over there.
    .-= suzie´s last blog ..Parents Guilty in Teenage Son’s Death =-.

  32. dembones 02/19/2010 at 11:37 am ·

    The really big shame about all this is chiropractic education costs a king’s ransom, but in the end on average gets a chiro paid the same as a grad from a trade school. What an overpriced profession.
    The stats that “show” the alleged “growth” in chiropractic fail to point out the sheer numbers who have graduated with D.C.’s who aren’t in the field now. I heard one school’s dean stated that as many as 50% of grads are out of chiropractic after 1 year post graduation. I cannot confirm that, but the numbers of active D.C’s haven’t significantly changed in 15 years!!! The profession is CONTRACTING, NOT EXPANDING!!!

  33. Lisa 02/21/2010 at 4:29 pm ·

    The CCE and the schools should be ashamed. We were better off without state licensure. I love my practice and the flexibility is wonderful as a mother of a 6 year old. Physiology was the most important part of our schooling b/c we can explain why chiropractic is essential for wellness. It is NOT essential for back pain. The best part of my diagnostic class was that I saved my mother-in-law’s life when she had a dissecting aorta and not one single hospital staff put their hands on her until I told them MY FIDNINGDS! We are well educated but it was over priced. We are needed in the wellness arena—but as a group we must take a solid stance and leave the allopathic madness. As a group we must tell all insurance—even Medicare to take a hike.
    I love my education, but it was over-priced for what the average consumer can afford.

  34. johnson 02/26/2010 at 3:20 pm ·

    The author must have been compensated by Parker college. This is the most bogus article I’ve read in a while.

    Career changers: Think Chiropractic….Yes, think about staying as far away from it as possible. Although a good education, you cannot make money unless you are a scam artist.

    From a former DC turned garbage man.

  35. Matthew C. Keegan 02/26/2010 at 3:22 pm ·

    No, Johnson. I was NOT compensated by anyone in the chiropractic community to run this article. If you examined this site closer, you would see that we cover a wide variety of fields. Besides, if I was shilling for a chiropractic college, would I have allowed people to share their comments especially those which are openly hostile to chiropractic medicine? I don’t think so!

  36. Dr Andrew 03/15/2010 at 4:27 pm ·

    I am a recent chiropractic college graduate and I’m doing just fine. I’m practicing in New York which is by far the most difficult state in the country to be a DC in because of low insurance reimbursement and a very limited scope of practice, and I’m still showing steady growth. I am located in the middle of nowhere, so before I’m accused of being a salesman, you can’t pull that in a small town where everybody knows you.
    That being said, Parker College is widely reguarded as a school that focuses only on the financial end of chiropractic and their “seminars” are an embarassment to the profession. There is a vast descrepancy in the quality of chiropractic education from school to school. There are 4 or 5 that should close their doors immediately due to the nonsense that they include in their curriculums(sp?). On the other hand there are chiro schools that do an excellent job. I’m not telling your where I went lest I be accused of plugging it, but good ones have student interns work with hospitals and the Veterans Administration. I personally worked with MDs, PTs, and OTs as a part of my education. The dearth of positive comments here can be attributed to the way people always prefer to spread negative news over positive.

  37. CODY FILEN 04/15/2010 at 11:52 am ·

    Chiropractic is nothing but BS, sold to naiive students,,who either have to brainwash “patients” to keep coming for nothing, subluxations?? The worst mistake of my life. To succeed as a Chiro today you have to be a BS artist, conman or get into the PI business with shady attorneys, who hire thugs to cause stages MVAs. What a waste.
    Believe me I have seen it all
    CODY in NYC

  38. Kristina 07/11/2010 at 12:11 pm ·

    Be an Osteopath or a Medical Doctor. You will have so many more career opportunities. As well as being able to participate in student loan forgiveness. People will openly insult you based on your profession. And it is blaringly obvious this article was written for financial renumeration. The research institute is not exactly a huge part of the curriculum nor is writing scientific publications or learning to do research.

    The loan payment is 2,100 per month for 30 years. 9 months post graduation, I am waiting on a phone call to hopefully work at a medical clinic with an Occupational Therapist. All other offers I have received have been for no salary whatsoever.

    Yes, I chose chiropractic because I had an extremely positive experience when I started being adjusted. It made me feel better but come to find out, some of the stuff my doctor told me was not true. Every person is subject to degeneration whether they receive adjustments or not. I was very young, not exactly educated and I believed the doctor.

    At this point I am hoping to get my Master’s in Nursing. I have been accepted to two online BSN programs, but I am not able to pay the tuition. Maybe after I work a while I will be on the road to a respected profession. As it is, if I have time, I could do my Associate in Nursing for 5000 dollars and have an annual earning potential of 65,000. And be able to enter other specialties besides Musculoskeletal. Any thoughts or dreams of becoming a surgeon are down the tubes because of my age. But if I do get accepted to medical school, then I will contact the military for hopefully a scholarship to pay my tuition and then I know that I will be trained after graduation to be a doctor.

    So another point, there is no training period after school.

    And while you are at Parker expect to be treated poorly by the faculty as well as other students. I was called a b$tch on 5 occasion. As well as shoved and the Dean responded by taking me to a room, shutting the door and yelling at me as loud as he could that it just isn’t a problem and to quit asking me to expel the person harrassing me. So to graduate after this, my staff doctor rewarded the intern who kept calling me a name with transfer patients. I finally threatened the school with a lawsuit and only then did I receive 5 “welless patients” who like being adjusted so that I could graduate.

  39. Matthew C. Keegan 07/11/2010 at 1:31 pm ·

    Hi Kristen, thank you for your comment. Best wishes as you make the transition to nursing a field.

    Oh, by the way, no financial remuneration was gained by writing this article. The only tie in this site has with a potential financial benefit is with student aid. We like to disclose that information to our readers.

  40. JC 08/03/2010 at 1:45 pm ·


    I read your post and I feel that it is never to late to accomplish what you want to do with your life. I know a couple of friend doctors who entered medical school at the age of 35 . It is never late if you have a good plan in your heart to do what you see yourself doing. Just make it happen , everyone makes mistake s in careers that they choose . I know that this mistake was huge because it involves your financial stability. However, there are ways you can get passed this situation. jUST THINK AND BE CREATIVE. IT WILL ALL WORK OUT.


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