10 Ways to Save Money on Gadgets this Christmas


By Tom Rodgers

Gadgets are one of the most popular shopping categories that people go for when doing their Christmas shopping. Small gadgets make great stocking stuffers. Bigger gadgets are suitable for people of all ages. However, you can quickly exceed your Christmas spending budget if you’re buying a lot of gadgets. Even small gadgets, like smartphones and iPads, cost in the hundreds of dollars each.

Follow these ten tips to save money on gadgets this summer:

1.     Buy used or refurbished. There is nothing wrong with buying gadgets used. Many people are first adopters, which means that they buy new gadgets as soon as they are available. These people often end up selling their gadgets as soon as something new comes out even though the items are in perfectly good working order. You can spend a lot less by purchasing these gently used items. Of course, use common sense when buying used items to make sure that you don’t get conned.

2.     Buy gadgets that will actually save you money. If you are buying items for someone that you live with then you can make smart purchases on gadgets that actually save money. Efficient new showerheads, for example, are a lovely spa bathroom gift that will also reduce the home’s water bill. Battery chargers, flash drives and even fuel-efficient scooters have money-saving potential and make good Christmas gifts. Energy-saving kitchen gadgets are yet another good example.

3.     Make a list and check it twice. In other words, think carefully about what gadgets you want to buy for the people in your life. Don’t go overboard buying all of the trendiest gadgets. Get one gadget per person on your Christmas list and choose one that really suits him or her.

4.     Get a big gadget as a “family gift”. Consider getting the entire family a shared gift such as a new video game system or other big gadget. Individual family members can get smaller, more affordable low-tech gifts and everyone can enjoy the big gadget.

5.     Take advantage of Cyber Monday sales. Many people do their Christmas shopping on Black Friday. However, online shopping on Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) can be a better choice for people who are seeking great deals on gadgets and consumer electronics. Start early in the day because many sites fail due to high traffic flow and you may need to try the site more than once to get a good deal. Use coupon codes and look for free shipping deals to save the most money.

6.     Buy a gadget from an “open box”. Local stores reduce the cost of items that have been on display or that are in damaged boxes. Many people don’t want to get these at Christmas because they don’t make pretty presents. However, if you open up the damaged box and place the gadget into a pretty Christmas bag then you’ve still got a great gift at a more affordable price.

7.     Get an accessory for an existing gadget. Instead of paying a lot of money for a brand new gadget for someone this Christmas, consider getting them a low-cost add-on for an existing gadget. For example, get them new headphones for their mp3 player or a new game controller for their video game system or new speakers for their computer or an iTunes gift card for their phone.

8.     Go retro. If you get a gadget that has been out for a long time then you can save a lot of money. You want to make sure that it’s not out of date in terms of being functional, of course. Consider favorite old video games, fun kitchen gadgets and other retro gifts.

9.     Skip the gadgets that have an ongoing cost. Many people get tempted to get gadgets for others that require a subscription. Phones and Internet TV are examples of 2010 gadget ideas that are popular. However, type of Christmas gift means that either you or the recipient will have to pay an ongoing cost throughout the year. That can end up being a problem for everyone. Think ahead and get a gadget that will be paid for as soon as you buy it.

10. Gather up your old gadgets. You can offset the costs of this year’s new gadgets by selling off the old gadgets that you aren’t using in your home anymore. This gives you extra spending money for Christmas that you can put towards gifts.

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Tom Rodgers blogs for savings.com, a leading online coupon site that provides advice and tips for saving money. He is also very passionate about Christmas gift ideas.


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