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College Planning Tip for the Week of:
Sunday January 30, 2011

Quick Review

checklist of prior monthly tasks that should be completed
If you submitted your FAFSA form early,
you should receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) indicating your eligibility for financial aid. Make any corrections to the report and return it to the FAFSA processor.

If you haven’t submitted your FAFSA,
you need to do so quickly to meet important college financial aid deadlines: see the January Calendar Plan
Make sure your High School sends
all necessary transcripts and grades to your colleges of choice. Check with your guidance counselor for assistance.
Check to see if all of your application
materials have been sent.

Contact the admissions office of the college(s) to which you have applied to make sure they have everything.

If you are taking any college entrance exams,
check your dates
Continue searching for scholarships. Every bit helps:

over $24.3 billion
worth of scholarships and grants in one location

Men 18 years or older
must be registered for Selective Service to receive federal financial aid.

You can register online:

Next Week
we review some credit management issues. Stay tuned.
More information available:



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