Semester Over: Now Sell Your Textbooks

Semester Over: Now Sell Your Textbooks
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    The semester has come to an end and you are left with a stack of textbooks, mostly ones that you will never use again.


Sure, there are a few titles that are still of interest to you, but the remainder of your vast inventory could be put to work elsewhere. Namely, worked out as a completed sale.

You can sell your textbooks and recoup some of your earlier cost. You won’t make much money, but you could keep yourself in lattes for the better part of the coming month if you handle this step wisely.

Start Your Search

How much are your books worth? Those prices vary and are based on several factors including demand, condition and subject.

Visit to find your titles. You will see “new” prices and then you can expect to find used priced. Look for the particular edition you are selling.

The Price Is Right

Wait too long to sell and your books will become worthless. Still, if you wait until the next semester begins and that book is in demand, your price should be better.

Take note of the used book price on Amazon and on similar websites. Use that as a basis for pricing your books.

Post an Ad

Where do most students look for things to buy? That would be online. Amazon and eBay are favorite hang outs, but if you are looking for a local following, then check out Craigslist.

Post your book(s) on Craigslist and include photos and a description. If you marked it up, say so. Match Amazon’s price and you may find a buyer right away.

Visit the Bookstore

Your college bookstore may be wiling to buy your books back, but do no expect to get much for them. Use this store as a retailer of last resort, once you have exhausted your other options.

Better than the bookstore is your campus bulletin board where ads are allowed. You will get more for your book than what the college bookstore will charge you and your buyer will pay less too. Big markup, anyone?

Consider Renting Next Time

Your experience trying to sell your old books should have you exploring a different option before you get your next textbooks. That would be textbook rental, an option where you essentially borrow books for a semester for a fee and return them once you are done with them. Otherwise, wait until the semester starts to buy your books as you may find that the “required reading” is not a requirement after all.

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