10 In-Demand College Majors

10 In-Demand College Majors
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    High school seniors and non-matriculated college students are nervously scanning the news these days to see if their intended career path is still open or whether they'll need to adjust their plans accordingly.

    Fortunately, an economic downturn usually means that hiring for key jobs is only temporarily curtailed while the long term prospects for most in-demand careers remain bright.


We’ve scoured through federal government job projections and surveyed the American career landscape and have determined that the following ten college majors offer superior career opportunities for graduates. Keep in mind that some flexibility on your part can ensure career success, allowing you to make adjustments as needed in pursuit of your goals.

1. Business Administration – The world of business seems to offer never ending challenges and personal development to those who exhibit top notch leadership and organizational skills. Whether your plans include launching a web start up or overseeing a Fortune 500 enterprise, you’ll need to hone your skills accordingly. Tip: Emerging nations will provide a strong catalyst going forward for the global economy. Latin America is emerging as an important market, so having strong linguistic skills in a second language (Spanish or Portuguese) can give you an important edge. Expect to live abroad at some point in your career.

2. Business Economics – As businesses around the world emerge, they’ll be looking for people who can wisely manage their finances, strengthen the bottom line and work with local and international currencies. Understanding trade, commerce law, micro- and macro-economics are essential tools that you will need to acquire. Advanced language skills is a plus and the ability to work cross culturally is a must.

3. Public Policy – Not every politician is an attorney although it often seems that way. While understanding law is important, shaping policy on the local, state and federal level is critical. If you are a good communicator and have a servant’s heart, than elected office may suit you too.

4. Education – The value of education seems to never be fully appreciated, but policy makers are working to ensure that teachers receive the tools needed and the recognition that they deserve in their respective roles. If you enjoy working with children and are passionate about shaping young lives, than exploring programs for early childhood education maybe right for you. Obtain a master’s degree and you could find yourself teaching on campus; the federal government predicts that the college student population will increase by one-third between now and 2015.

5. Nursing – An aging and expanding population will mean that the demand for nurses will only increase. In fact, the number of nursing jobs in the United States is expected to grow 19 percent by 2022. And the nursing field continues to expand to not only incorporate licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs) but Nurse Practitioners (NP) who assume some of the duties that doctors usually do. Once you get involved in the nursing profession, there are numerous ways to further your career and start earning more money. For example, once you become an RN, you can upgrade by enrolling in one of the available online RN to BSN programs. This degree gives you more opportunities for growth, as you can move into specialized fields like pediatrics, public health, palliative care, and school nursing. By upgrading your education, you can provide yourself with even more career options in this continuously expanding industry. No matter whether a national health care plan is put into place or not, staffing needs will keep the Nursing profession hot for many decades to come.

6. Occupational Therapy – OT majors have a promising future in front of them as America’s aging population will need their services more than ever before. Therapists help stroke patients regain use of their limbs and show accident victims how to live independently. Cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries and muscular dystrophy patients can also benefit from OT care.

7. Computer Science – It is nearly difficult to imagine a world before computers, but imagining how computers will operate in the coming years will keep this field growing. Managing networks, creating software, incorporating hardware and improving and discovering new technologies are just some of the skill sets needed for computer science majors.

8. Hospitality/Tourism – An aging population will have more leisure time available to them, making the Hospitality industry one of the hottest commodities over the next decade. Pay levels can vary widely, but for those students with strong linguistic and communication skills as well as a talent for administration, then managing a resort, senior community or entertainment destination could make for a lucrative career.

9. Engineering – A broad field by definition, engineers should have a strong mathematical and science background to work with complex materials, soaring structures, complicated devices, interlocking systems and well planned processes. Bridges must be built and maintained, spacecraft designed and crafted, cars improved for the decades ahead, etc. Engineers oversee entire projects with the most talented majors likely to have a rewarding career in front of them.

10. Social Work – Pity the poor social worker who is usually overworked and underpaid. However, those students possessing a MSW in Social Work stand to get the best jobs and at competitive pay levels. Social workers who are compassionate, knowledgeable about the law and desiring to make a difference under challenging circumstances will thrive in this career.

Your Career Path

Whatever career path you choose go with one that best suits you. Too many people pick careers based on pay or other secondary factors; instead, find something that you’re passionate about and your level of job satisfaction will be high.

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