4 Serious College Mistakes That You Can Avoid (Part 2/2)

4 Serious College Mistakes That You Can Avoid (Part 2/2)
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    Since the heart of college is all about finding yourself, both as a student and a person, there are bound to be a few slip-ups along the way.

    But some mistakes can be totally avoided, and realizing this before it's too late can spare your wallet, your grades, and your overall sanity.


Continued from part 1:

3. Not budgeting for loan repayments.

Managing money in college? Impossible. Okay, well, not quite impossible, but certainly difficult. Still, whether you have a job yourself or your parents are helping, if you have financial aid loans, somebody’s gonna have to pay those off.

Many loans don’t accumulate interest until after you leave college, but once that charge begins, it’s going to pile up fast. Therefore, part of your paycheck, even an extremely small portion, needs to go into some kind of savings fund. Start as soon as you can, and you’ll have ample time to earn a bit before the payments start flying your way.

Doing this takes willpower, admittedly–that money isn’t for coffee or football jerseys–but by the end of college, you’ll have scrounged up a nice sum of cash to fall back on. Trust me, your pockets will thank you.

4. Waiting too long to transfer.

Let’s face it: Sometimes a certain college choice doesn’t turn out like you thought it would. Transferring schools is a big decision, and you think you’d want to devote time to weighing your options. While it is good to think carefully about your choice, one fatal mistake is waiting too darn long to make it.

As soon as you hear the tiniest voice in your head saying “Hey, I don’t feel too happy here,” listen to it. Figure out what’s bothering you. If it’s anything linked to the college–the teaching approach, the student body, the rigor (or lack thereof) of your curriculum–it may be time to look elsewhere. Some things like housing, majors, or class schedules can be easily fixed in the following semester. But if you can’t picture freedom until you’re wearing that cap and gown, that’s definitely a red flag.

Transferring can be a pain at any time, but waiting can make things even worse: Credits you spent years earning may not carry over. Fees may have piled up to where it’s difficult to get your transcripts. So many problems can pop up if you wait too long.

If you feel that urge to transfer, listen. Most of the time, it’s good to go with your gut.

In the frenzy of college life, some mistakes are still avoidable. These four mishaps are easy to fall into though, so don’t keep them to yourself: Sharing this article on Facebook or other social media can help get the word out to friends, so they can be aware of these four disasters before they hit. That way, you can all be prepared when it comes to tackling the most common college slip-ups.

Trust me, college may be tough, but you can get through it.

You might be living off of Ramen noodles for four years straight, but like I said…you can get through it.

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