Student Health: 3 Reasons Not to Settle for Eating Only Ramen

Student Health: 3 Reasons Not to Settle for Eating Only Ramen
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    Ramen is the traditional food of the broke college student.

    In fact, many students seem to subsist on a diet that only consists of these noodles.


Before you go too ramen crazy, you should know that there are some real health reasons to add some variety to your diet. Below are three reasons not to settle for eating only ramen.

It’s a Bad Habit

Eating ramen can seem like the ultimate money-saving activity. Unfortunately, it’s not something that easily leaves you once you’ve finally got money in your pocket. If you start eating a ramen-only diet now, you’re actually starting to condition your body to crave something that’s not great for you. You’re going to get a little too used to salty, fatty foods that have little nutritional value—and even worse, you’re going to seek it out instead of the foods your really should be eating. Don’t let yourself fall into that bad habit.

It Can Lead to an Eating Disorder

No, eating too much ramen isn’t an eating disorder. Eating ramen all the time may, however, start to change the way you relate to food. If you start thinking of eating food as a habit that needs to be discarded because it is damaging to your life, you may find yourself at risk of developing an eating disorder. These frightening disorders are incredibly hard to break and often require a great deal of professional help. Facilities like The Center For Change exist because of the prominence of these disorders, so don’t assume you’re immune to them. There’s nothing wrong with ramen by itself, but don’t let it warp the relationship that you have with food.

Your Health is at Risk

Finally, it’s a good idea to look at some basic health principles. You need to have a good mix of foods to provide you with the necessary vitamins and nutrients to sustain life. If you have a ramen-only diet, you may well be putting your health at risk. Setting aside the increase of risk in long-term issues, you may find yourself suffering from short-term problems like scurvy because you aren’t getting the right vitamins from your diet. Don’t put your health at risk just to save a few bucks—supplement your ramen with something that’s a little healthier.

There’s nothing wrong with eating ramen from time to time. Like all things, though, it must be done in moderation. Make sure to vary your diet so that you can eat healthier in the future, avoid eating disorders and keep yourself healthy. With a varied diet, you can put ramen back in your pantry as just one of many options.

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