Getting Ready for Graduate School

how to pay for college without incurring a lot of debt

Graduate School! Are you ready to start. It is going to be a bit more tense than your undergrad program with late nights at the library. So sharpening your study skills would be in order

You are used to being away from home. So you are probably have what you need. But reference our checklist for items you might need.

Below are four (4) quick summary tasks for starting grad school:

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Develop Good Study Skills

Graduate School can be a lot of fun. But, it also requires late nights in the library to keep up with assignments and course work.

You will cover 5-10 times more reading material and assignments. You need to develop good study skills to keep up. Some suggestions below:

Study Skills Workshops:

study skill resources
from Virginia Tech
University of Minnesota Duluth
Education Corner

getting ready guideline

Building Discipline for Success

The most important thing to "take" when you start school is discipline and the motivation to succeed.

You will use discipline to:

  • keep up with your class assignments and readings
  • prepare for the mid-week exam
  • make preparations to continue school
  • pass each class with honors
  • graduate with honors
  • find that perfect job
  • build up your career
  • live a successful life

The ingredients of discipline include a well-rounded character with hope and motivation. Learn more about building discipline and a better you.

building success in grad school
view our "life success" module

getting ready guideline

Getting Ready for the Move

Now that you have selected the college to attend, you now need to get yourself there ... plus setup your own home.

  • you need find housing either on-campus or off-campus
  • you need to think about transportation and how you are going to get around town?
  • you need stuff for the dorm - we're talking about clothes, shoes, personal gear, computer, software, bed and bath linen, kitchenware, and anything else to setup home
  • you need to take care of essentials that include bank accounts, insurance, local registrations, etc.
  • you need to get your school supplies such as books needed for your course work (save money by buying used), pencils, note pads, printing paper, and other supplies
  • you need to start college - familiarize yourself with campus facilities, safety, local services, recreation activities, and other.

Download FREE college moving checklist.

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getting ready guideline

Credit Management 101

Before making a decision about credit cards, student loans, and other credit financing, take a brief moment to view our affiliated center on credit card and debt management.

manage your credit and debt module
visit our module for information

Credit Card Use 101

It's a big step heading off to graduate school. It's another big step entering into the world of financial management and credit financing. As a recent graduate, you will be targeted by credit card companies on the "EASE" of using and having your own credit card. Think about it! Your own personal card to buy pizza, clothes, gas, music.

But there is a hitch! The credit card charges will come due in about 25 days. And if you are like most students, you won't have have enough money to pay your credit card off.

No problem!, say the credit card companies. Simply pay the minimum payment (which will be very low) and continue using your card up to your available credit line limit.

That is where the credit card companies entrap you — they want to keep you paying that low minimum payment from month-to-month.

By paying just the minimum payment each month, it will take you about 23 years to pay off your credit card balance.

Now you can see why credit card companies want YOU as their customer. So be careful when using credit cards. You can easily add up charges.

Budgeting For Graduate School

Download these FREE college budgeting worksheets to track and manage your expenses:

managing aid and costs
1-page tri-fold
download budgeting worksheet