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why go onto graduate school

Once you have decided to go to graduate school - and what field you want to study - it now time to search your graduate program that fits your career objectives.

Below are four (4) quick summary tasks for college search:

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grad school search

To Begin Your Search

Assemble a list of graduate schools (professional programs) you'd like to attend. Meet with an advisor to discuss your plans and to arrange important visits and interviews.

There are three categories you should search:

  1. 2-3 schools that you could definitely get in
  2. 4-5 schools that you could probably get in
  3. 7-8 schools that you would like to get in

You should budget on how much you can afford for application submission. If the application submission costs for 16 or more schools is too much. Narrow your search to 3-3-3.

some helpful resources
view school rankings

grad school search

Graduate School Search

List of directories of various graduate and professional programs (links to external sites)

directory of medical schools
directory of dental schools
directory of veterinary schools
directory of law schools
directory of business programs
search 4-year colleges-universities
search online schools and programs

Helpful Tools

Some helpful tools for making decisions:

off-to-college map (pdf print file)
college cost comparison worksheet (excel file)