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Struggling Students: Why You Should Still Pursue a College Education

This article will not only give you 4 debt-free ways that you can pay for school, it will tell you why it’s so important for low-income students to pursue post-secondary

Campus Life

The Benefits of Making Time for Volunteering in College

Even though you’re trying to find a balance between high-level courses and working or doing an internship, you should consider getting back to volunteering. Here are some benefits of volunteering

Student Health

Weightlifting 101 for College Students

There are different methods of implementing weight programs. They include cardio, diets and weightlifting. Weightlifting is essentially the most important technique which can provide a more chiseled result on your

College Search

A Handy 10 Step Roadmap to Exploring Your Future College Campus

Parents should attend at least a portion of the visit with the high school student to get an idea of what life will be like, as well as the financial

Career Planning

How to Begin Your Career as a Freelancer

Whether you’re a parent, a traveler, a homebody, or if you’re just looking for a change, here are the steps you must take to begin your career as a freelancer.

Education Tips

How to Write the Perfect Resume for Internships

Surely, a lot of graduates can still relate because writing a good resume is a life skill that can open doors when you want to switch jobs or apply for


Scholarships for Adults 101: The Ultimate Guide to Paying For Trade School

Applicants exist, but they’re simply not qualified for the high-paying jobs they desire. This lack of skills accounts for the often-significant gap between job openings and hires. The Corporate Executive

Personal Advice

5 Stress Management Tips For Every College Student

Surplus of schoolwork, lack of adequate sleep and relationship problems are just a few of the issues that often put a lot of pressure on students. As you may already

Personal Advice

Returning to School: Being a Full-Time Mother and Teacher (Inspiring)

Story of a college friend of mine: All professionals have moments in their careers when they doubt their choices or feel they are in need of something else; a new

Education Tips

Exams are Coming? 3 Useful Tips to Deal With Your Workload

This is not a bible that will ensure your academic success, but, if followed and adapted to your personality, it can for sure help you avoid the workload anxiety. 1.

College Living

What College Is, and What College Isn’t: Get the Most Out of It

Some of us wiggle, some slither, some slide out of college, but none of us ever think once about it when an alumni meeting is organized. People just get together

Education Tips

4 Serious College Mistakes That You Can Avoid (Part 1/2)

Let’s be real: College is a time to make mistakes. We forget to study. We procrastinate on our thesis. We wake up after a killer party with Sharpie on our