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Parents: Here’s How to Balance Parenting With Your Studies

As much as most people would like to finish college before settling down in marriage, things don’t work that way all the time. Sometimes the unplanned happens, and you have to assume the responsibilities of parenthood as you study.

Student Health

Guide to Buying a Study Chair for College Students

Better posture, more productivity. What do I mean by this statement? Let me dive a little deeper and give you some proven facts.


Are You a Campus Snowflake? Here are 3 Ways to Tell

This term is commonly used to refer to that person who until the 2000s was not an adult. This group of oversensitive and entitled individuals is further defined as the

Student Health

Stunning Flu Statistics – How to Keep Yourself Safe From the Flu

In under two months, the number of confirmed cases of influenza in New York has reached epidemic proportions. This year alone has set the record, since 2004, with almost 12,000

Campus Life

4 Tips to Maneuvering Around Your New College Town

Arriving on your new college campus can be one of the most exciting times of your life. Exploring new places, meeting new people, and learning new things makes for a lot to do and a lot to enjoy.

Campus News

Online High School Courses: Is It a Fad, or a Future?

This is especially true when it comes to the transitional years when a child is edging closer to becoming an independent adult. This means that the education a child gets

Student Health

How Self Care can Improve Your Grades (Part 2/2)

continued from Part1: How Self Care Can Improve Your Grades Take Your Vitamins Research shows that vitamin D receptors in the brain may also function as precursors to “happy chemicals”

Advanced Education

10 Study Hacks for Law Students to Study Successfully

When it comes to preparing for law, it is not about focusing on law as a whole but specific subjects like civil, criminal or corporate. And even knowing that, there’s complete information overload.

Student Health

How Self Care can Improve Your Grades (Part 1/2)

Between the advanced classes, extracurricular activities, teaching positions and volunteer work necessary to compete in today’s job market, college students just don’t have the time they need. Time to to

Money Tips

The Importance of a Good Landing Page

You may not know what exactly a landing page is, but you should; in this age of digitalization almost every company utilizes digital marketing, and landing pages are a crucial part of any successful digital marketing campaign.

Personal Advice

How College Students Should Manage Their Studies and Free Time

Responsibilities become all the more clear when one no longer has their parents hovering around them. While many embrace this mark of independence, it should be approached with caution. Too

College Living

How to Deal With a Difficult College Roommate – 4 Creative Methods

Instead of a dream, it’s a nightmare. You both have conflicting personalities. You are a neat freak and they are a walking disaster. You’re a free spirit and they are