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Advanced Education

3 Ways to Save Money on Your Master’s Degree

There are many great reasons to continue studying to a higher level, such as better income opportunities, a greater choice of career options, and the option to continue learning in

College Living

How To Balance Your Social Life And Schoolwork As A Freshman In College

With so many things going on in your life at the same time, how do you balance your academic schedule and social life so you can have a fulfilling and

College Living

7 Key Safety Tips Every College Student Should Be Aware Of

While these precautions are great, it is also very important that college students make campus safety their personal responsibility. Here are some things they can do to improve their safety:

Personal Advice

Freshman Survival Tips – How To Find Your Place In College

Don’t worry. We’ve compiled some useful tips that will help you find your place in college and make memories that will last a lifetime: 1. Get Familiar With Your College

Advanced Education

Is Endovascular Surgery The Medical Path For You?

Choosing what path you choose in the medical field is one that shapes your entire career. This article is going to cover the basics of one of those options, to

College Living

Tips and Tricks for Non-Traditional College Students – Part 2

Continued from Part 1 here: Support Services Many college campuses are offering an increasing number of support services specifically for non-traditional students and their dependents. Researching what resources and services

Traveling Student

3 Amazing Benefits of Studying Abroad on a College Sponsorship

If you’re a college student and have spent a lot of time on campus, then you might have noticed flyers and posters advertising opportunities to study abroad in places like

Job Search

7 Important Steps for Preparing for Your Next Job Interview (Part 2/2)

Continuing from Part 1. 4) Be Specific Nothing turns interviewers off more than vague answers. For example, if you answer “what makes you a great candidate for this role?” with

Education Tips

4 Serious College Mistakes That You Can Avoid (Part 2/2)

Continued from part 1: 3. Not budgeting for loan repayments. Managing money in college? Impossible. Okay, well, not quite impossible, but certainly difficult. Still, whether you have a job yourself

Personal Advice

Why Dropping Out of College is Not as Big of a Decision as You Think

But, what happens if you are given an opportunity to work at a company before you graduate? How should you handle a situation like that? In this article I’m going

College Living

3 Big Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make While Attending College

More advice from another college friend of mine: Are you in currently in college? Do you sometimes feel like the days of classes are never going to end? I can

Advanced Education

Five Reasons to Say Yes to Graduate School

Since studying for a postgraduate education requires students to commit to more time outside of full-time employment and also means extra tuition fees to pay, it’s safe to say that