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Education Tips

How to Effectively Engage With Your Child in the Modern World

Tweet With all the technological changes and the explosion of new ideas, engaging with your children in today’s fast-paced lifestyle can be challenging. The most effective way to connect with


Three Simple Ways to Give Back to your College

Tweet But have you ever thought about giving back as a thank you for all they have done for you? Colleges are there to educate and prepare you for your

Education Tips

How to Write a Dissertation Right the First Time

Tweet You’ve chosen your theme, question, and title. You’ve got a rough draft of the preliminary outline for your dissertation (dissertation proposal), and have done tons of research. Now you’re


10 Career Paths for Biology Majors

Tweet Biology degrees at Gwynedd Mercy or other small schools such as Point Loma Nazarene University offer small classes that maximize learning potential, while other large universities may suit you

Education Tips

How You Should be Organizing Your College Day (and Why)

Tweet Come a month or two into the semester most will find their once organized backpack is now strewn between their dorm room, car and computer desk. There is hope


Eliminating the Most Common Excuses for Not Getting Back in School

Tweet College is one of the most amazing experiences some of us miss due to obligations beyond the academic arena. Making a choice to go back to college is often


Why You Should be Giving Back To Your Alma Mater

Tweet As you look back fondly on your years as a college student, many great memories may surface: life-long friendships that were formed, crazy events and parties, learning fascinating information

Education Tips

How to Succeed in College – 5 Tips for New College Students

Tweet 1. Early Bird or Night Owl? Do you prefer to wake up and greet the day, or are you someone who hits snooze several times before rolling out of


Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Grad Jobs

Tweet As fun as the post-graduation parties might be, graduation marks the time we go into the real world. The world of endless job applications and full-time employment. If you’re

Advanced Education

Easing the Start of a new Chapter in Adult Education

Tweet However, the life experience that these students have often benefits them and enriches the class experience for everyone. There are thousands of students who are attending college every year.

Online Education

Five Myths Preventing You From Obtaining an Online Education

Tweet The chance to continue schooling may provide opportunities for advancement and personal growth. Unfortunately, there are still many people who mistakenly hold some common misconceptions. If you have worked


Could Arab Countries Rival the West in Education?

Tweet On their Best Arab Region Universities Rankings, they gave their top two schools, King Saud University and King Abdulaziz University, scores of 100 and 99.5, respectively. Both schools are