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Government vs. Private Medical Colleges in India

Tweet Being a doctor is a profession that has been around for ages. One of the most lucrative and the most responsible jobs in the country, doctors are revered amongst


Best Student Tour Locations to Study Botany

Tweet Your asked for their names, or what they were for, or if you could eat them. It’s fair to say, botany is not just your first science, but humankind’s.

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How To Achieve Perfect Thesis Writing Skills

Tweet However, this assignment is probably the most important one, not just because it is the final achievements of one’s education, but also because it represents a card of admission

Education Tips

The Successful College Student’s Time Management Guide

Tweet Having a clear and organized schedule and doing away with procrastination will ensure that you are well prepared during your exams. As much as time is available to everyone,

Education Tips

An Indispensable Guide to Choosing Your College

Tweet A college is where many people come together to learn something and have their diploma. A college consists of directors, advisors, books, auditoriums, sports, teachers, students and a verified

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What Does Education and Life in College Mean to You?

Tweet Roles played by colleges are: 1. To equip learners with essential knowledge. Curriculum is designed in such away that it offers wide range of knowledge. There are many programs

Study Abroad

5 Colleges with the Best Overseas Programs

Tweet Many schools around the country offer study-abroad programs, where you can study and live in cities like Paris, London or Jerusalem for months. Below are five schools with some

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Essay Writing: 7 Tips and Tricks to Ace Your Essay

Tweet No matter what your major is, it’s more than likely that you’ll have to write at least a few essays in college. Essay writing can be difficult, boring, and

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Are You Too Old to Study?

Tweet In this lifetime you would’ve probably heard this question a lot: “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Some of us are able to answer without

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A Reminder That We All Need: The Benefits of a Higher Education

Tweet With the internet and so many social media outlets to support one’s lifestyle, it would appear to many people that going to college is now just a waste of


Saving the Dying College Diploma – How You Can Do Your Part

Tweet One of the proudest moments a person can have in his life is his college graduation. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics Website, for school year 2013-2014,

Online Education

The Travel Benefits of Studying Online

Tweet But, if you’re also thinking of studying at college, then it’s highly possible that you’ll also need to put your travel bucket list on the back burner for a