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What You Should Know About Subletting Your Apartment This Summer

Tweet What else can you do? You’ll be back in two months or three months’ time and don’t want to lose the apartment in the meantime. Many college tenants face

Student Health

Common Illnesses to Watch out for in College

Tweet However, staying healthy should also be on your priority list, since simply attending college and residing in shared accommodation can present new health challenges you did not have to

College Living

Gambling in College – Harmless Fun or a Dangerous Slippery Slope?

Tweet But the reality is, gambling has so many adverse consequences that could ruin your college life and even your career in the future. Do college students really gamble? Yes

Student Health

Can You Be A Teetotal Student (And Still Have Fun)?

Tweet However, we all also know that these laws are routinely broken, and a lot of blind eyes are turned. Rightly or wrongly, colleges and their students have quite the

Student Health

How to Deal With a Diagnosis of Epilepsy in College

Tweet However, there are various things that you can do in order to lessen the impact that epilepsy has on your education and keep it under control as you study

College Living

To Rush or Not To Rush: The Advantages and Pitfalls of Greek Life

Tweet For some, this may mean that they choose to pledge a fraternity or sorority. How can you be sure if greek life is right for you? Keep reading to

Personal Advice

Fashion Tips for Female College Students: How to Match Clutches With Party Dresses

Tweet If you have a party coming up soon and you are wondering which clutch will match perfectly with your favorite party dress, we’ve got you covered. These key considerations

Student Health

7 Healthy Eating Tips For Busy College Students

Tweet Such bad habits have long-term devastating consequences; therefore it pays for every student to start eating healthy. Why? Because healthy, balanced meals can help you feel better, perform better

Study Tips

6 Hints for an Effective Essay

Tweet Writing an essay is not only about informing the reader about a topic, it is about persuading the reader to join your side of an argument. Effective essays do

College Living

4 Tips on How to Stop Going Back to College from Ruining Your Marriage

Tweet Apart from shelling out the money required for tuition alone, a couple will also be forced to make several other compromises. Here are four tips that will help you

College Living

Dealing with the College Roommate From Hell?

Tweet You have been waiting for this moment for what seems like an eternity. Putting in all the hard work in high school has finally payed off and you’ve been

Study Tips

Reasons Law Students Should Spend More Time in the Library

Tweet Students who aren’t making good use of the library are missing out on many benefits. This is especially true for law students, who can enhance their education and gain