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College Life: Laundry Tips That Every College Student Should Know

Tweet All of a sudden, one morning you wake up, late for class, pull open your dresser drawer, and realize you are out of undies. Time to do some laundry.

Campus Safety

6 Safety Apps for College Students

Tweet While several top-tier schools are taking a stand against crime with emergency alert apps, there are also several options that you can employ on your smartphone or mobile device

College Living

College life: What do You Miss From Your Campus?

Tweet For most of us who had gone through it, it marked the point where we felt the full ownership of our lives. It was an opportunity we earned. We

Campus Life

5 Tips on Surviving College for New Students

Tweet However, if you want to have good grades and have fun, you need to do some planning. College is a different animal and you will need to adapt to

Campus Safety

How Young College Freshmen Can Stay Safe on Campus

Tweet Crime is a major issue around the country, especially in the dorms. Often, this is due to the lack of knowledge or that college freshman are exhibiting risky behavior


Top 5 Useful Software/Applications for College Students

Tweet But time and time again, there’s some software that’s introduced to help ease the life of the college students. Here are 5 useful software/applications for college students: 1. Grammarly It’s

College Living

How to Get Through Your First Year In College (and the Years to Come)

Tweet As a freshman you’ll have a lot of independence and many critical decisions to make. The decisions you make and actions you take during your first year will have

Personal Advice

Tight On A Budget? 3 Fun Summer Activities That Are Still Fairly Affordable

Tweet The good news is that there are plenty of activities that you can afford to take part in whether you are heading out by yourself or looking to spend

Study Tips

Three Top Study Habits to Develop as a College Student

Tweet However, success at college all comes down to what you put into your studies and the amount of time and effort that you dedicate to doing well. Developing good

College Living

How To Balance Your Social Life And Schoolwork As A Freshman In College

Tweet With so many things going on in your life at the same time, how do you balance your academic schedule and social life so you can have a fulfilling

College Living

7 Key Safety Tips Every College Student Should Be Aware Of

Tweet While these precautions are great, it is also very important that college students make campus safety their personal responsibility. Here are some things they can do to improve their

Personal Advice

Freshman Survival Tips – How To Find Your Place In College

Tweet Don’t worry. We’ve compiled some useful tips that will help you find your place in college and make memories that will last a lifetime: 1. Get Familiar With Your