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Campus Life

Pros and Cons of Living Off-Campus Your First Semester

Tweet One of those might be whether it’s better to seek housing accommodations on-campus or off. Below are a few pros and cons to each option. Be sure you consider

Campus Life

Correlation Between Student Success and Campus Life

Tweet This will carry over to their personal life and professional work lifestyle. For instance, sports may have kept you "in line" or out of trouble while in high school,

Student Health

Student Health: 3 Reasons Not to Settle for Eating Only Ramen

Tweet Before you go too ramen crazy, you should know that there are some real health reasons to add some variety to your diet. Below are three reasons not to

College Living

How to Prepare Effectively For College Life in 5 Easy Steps

Tweet Life in college can be pretty easy – but not when you’re ill-prepared. The most successful people today and the ones who made the most out of their college

College Living

6 Untaught Life Hacks To Get You Through College

Tweet For most young people, college is the place they have always dreamed of going to. The freedom and carefree lifestyle are what attracts them most about college life. Living

Study Tips

5 College Study Tips to Ace Your Next Test

Tweet Here are a few tips to help you get through these next four years. 1. Don’t Cram…but maybe do… We’ve been told time and time again NOT to cram.

Personal Advice

Advice for College Students: 3 Ways To Make The Most Out Of College

Tweet College is the time of your life when every decision you make will have a long term consequence towards your future. Many have gone through college and failed to

College Living

9 Tips for Getting Through the First Year of College: Part 2/2

Tweet Enjoy, and I hope these tips will help you get through freshman year! 6. Try to bring ice breakers If you have some movies in the room, they can

College Living

9 Tips for Getting Through the First Year of College: Part 1/2

Tweet So, here are 9 tips which will show you to handle yourself and how to take control of your life through the first year of college. 1. Prepare to

College Living

5 Things Every College Student Should Do

Tweet It is a time to not only prepare for the future but also make life time memories. As a college student, here a list of the things that you

Student Health

Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene In College – Tips For Every Student

Tweet As a college student, the last thing you want is for your fellow students or lecturers to avoid you because you have a smelling mouth or brown teeth. It’s

College Living

How To Keep Your College Room Smelling Amazing Naturally and Affordably

Tweet Natural Fragrances List Whether you just want a fresh-smelling dorm room to come back to after a long day in class, or you’re hosting a party for your college