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Conserving Energy With E85 Fuel

Tweet If you are in the market for a new or used car, then you might be interested in exploring your options beyond those vehicles that run on gasoline. With

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Health Insurance: Are You Covered?

Tweet As a college student, it is easy to overlook medical coverage when considering college costs. After all, you are young and vibrant and if you come down with strep

Campus Cars

Chevy Aveo: The Lowest Priced Car In America

Tweet Affording a new car is difficult these days for some consumers as prices continue to climb upwards to an average of just under $30,000. Certainly, luxury cars pull that

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You Can Still Eat Healthy On A Budget

Tweet Not every college student wants to “feast” regularly on campus food, choosing to forgo dining hall grub in favor of other culinary delights. Pizza and beer seem to be

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Dorm Free, But Furnishings Are Needed

Tweet Ask a handful of college students who live on campus what they think of dorm life and you’ll probably get a bunch of different answers including: “Its cool. I

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Attend Hamburger University For A Real Education

Tweet I don’t usually come right out and say it, but for nearly three years after I graduated from college I was a manager for Wendy’s, the fast food restaurant.

Campus Cars

The Smart Fortwo: Tiny & Affordable

Tweet One of the smallest cars ever made, the Smart Fortwo, is now available for sale in the US. First introduced by parent Daimler AG Company (Mercedes) in 1998, the

Campus Cars

Finding and Buying Your College Car

Tweet SayCampusLife is beginning a new category of discussion, Campus Cars, to cover everything behind owning a car while attending college. This is the first of what will be many

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Studying Abroad Can Give You An Important Edge

Tweet This article is one of a series of articles appearing on SayCampusLife from time to time discussing studying abroad. Attending and finishing college can open doors for you, doors

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Raising Cash Between Semesters

Tweet With Christmas just hours away, the last thing you may be thinking about is work. That’s fine, enjoy your Christmas and the time you’ll be celebrating with family members