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Will You Embrace The Kia Soul?

Tweet Young drivers have been flocking to Scion ever since Toyota introduced their fleet of youth oriented people movers earlier in the decade. Along with the Honda Element and the

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Do College Drinking Games Lead To Lifelong Problems?

Tweet You’ve seen it around campus, you probably know quite a few people who imbibe to excess and you may even do it yourself. What am I talking about? Binge

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Online Biz: Should You? Could You?

Tweet As someone who is active in social media, I come across a variety of people of all ages and of many backgrounds while surfing the ‘net. Some are in

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Making The Most Of Your College Break

Tweet Congratulations! This is the first weekday morning in a long time that you don’t have to get up early, brush your teeth, comb your hair (or not), swig some

Campus Cars

Is Your Car Ready For The Trip Home This Christmas?

Tweet Students who will be leaving college over the next week or so and heading home for the long winter break know that driving conditions can be challenging especially if

Campus Cars

The Perfect New Car For The College Grad?

Tweet This coming Spring an all new Honda model will go on sale, a hybrid car with a familiar name: the Insight. For Honda fans, the Insight name is familiar,

Study Tips

Study Tips For End Of Semester Exams

Tweet Yes, final exams are about to begin. You’ve worked all semester to complete assignments, finish your term papers, and put the final touches on your studying. Now it comes

Campus Cars

Hyundai Accent Is Still No. 1!

Tweet There is some good news for college students and their families who are looking for a car. Earlier this month, we reported that the Nissan Versa 1.6 was now

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New Blog Encourages College Students To Stay The Course

Tweet One of the biggest challenges facing college students is the desire to quit school before obtaining their degree. Money, time, and a whole host of other issues can conspire

Campus Cars

New Car For My Kid? What, Are You Nuts?!

Tweet If your son or daughter lives on campus — far away from home — what sort of transportation do they rely on? Public transportation? Ride sharing with other students?

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Cash Access and the College Student

Tweet Students who are away at college, far from even the expanded reach of their parents, often face a dilemma when it comes to money: they don’t have enough of

Campus Cars

Prepare Young Drivers For Winter’s Fury Now!

Tweet One of the chief concerns for parents of college students is how their offspring is functioning while at college. Is he eating the right foods? Is she safe walking