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Is There Still Time To Find Summer Work?

Tweet Savvy college students understand that the work they do over the summer can lead to a lucrative job offer upon graduating from college. Those 10-15 weeks spent interning or

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Spring Incentives Fuel New Car Purchases

Tweet Lots of families feel locked out of the new car market when it comes to buying a car for their college student. While there isn’t anything wrong with settling

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Will You Choose To Study Abroad?

Tweet Even before heading off to college for the first time, many freshmen know that they’ll be sidetracked along the way and miss a semester or two of schooling at

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Are You In The Scion xD Groove?

Tweet If you are in college or are a recent graduate, then you are just the type of consumer Scion wants — young, energetic, and full of fresh ideas. Scion

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More Money Tips For College Students

Tweet Last week I shared, Smart Money Tips For College Students, taking a look at some ways college students can trim their expenses while on campus. After writing that article

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Putting The Accent On Hyundai

Tweet Hyundai has made progress over the years to provide quality cars at a cost lower than that of competing models from Toyota, Nissan, Ford, and GM, to name a

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Smart Money Tips For College Students

Tweet You’ve seen them in the student center, you’ve come across them on the way to the library, your dorm, even on campus billboards. What am I talking about? Credit

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Finding A Bargain On A Late Model Car

Tweet Here on SayCampusLife, we’ve been regularly featuring several low-cost new car models we think students might like and can possibly afford. Granted, a new car isn’t for everyone, especially

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Ford Focus: America’s Value Leader

Tweet Before anyone gets their knickers twisted in a wad over the title to this article, please know this: the Ford Focus is the lowest priced car on the market

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Conserving Energy With E85 Fuel

Tweet If you are in the market for a new or used car, then you might be interested in exploring your options beyond those vehicles that run on gasoline. With

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Health Insurance: Are You Covered?

Tweet As a college student, it is easy to overlook medical coverage when considering college costs. After all, you are young and vibrant and if you come down with strep

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Chevy Aveo: The Lowest Priced Car In America

Tweet Affording a new car is difficult these days for some consumers as prices continue to climb upwards to an average of just under $30,000. Certainly, luxury cars pull that