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Social Networking

The Best Way to Make Your College Experience Memorable

Tweet After college, what you’ll remember more than anything else is the relationships you’ve had there. These relationships can encompass multiple facets of college life, including other students and even

Social Networking

How to Turn Social Networking Into Social Support While in College

Tweet Making a decision to go to college is a huge and important reminder that you are about to make a difference to your future – from now on, you

Social Networking

Social Networking in College: What Does it Mean?

Tweet Tips and advice from another college friend of mine: With so many social networking platforms available these days, the concept of social networking has changed. On the very first

Social Networking

7 Facebook Mistakes College Students Make

Tweet Let’s take a look at seven of the chief mistakes college students make when using Facebook: 1. TMI — Too much information about yourself can lead to people stalking

Social Networking

Top Social Networking Platforms and How They Aid Academic Learning

Tweet Social networking platforms have greatly improved educational learning for students. Essentially, they play a very important role in providing students with better options that allow them to engage with

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4 Tips to Help You Network Better as a College Graduate

Tweet It’s no secret that these days networking is important in your job search after college graduation; yet many grads make the mistake of limiting their searches to online job

Social Networking

Job Hunting With Social Media

Tweet Is it possible to find a job using social media? Yes, absolutely. And when you use social media in its broadest definition to encompass message boards, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs,

Social Networking

How to Get the Most Out of Twitter

Tweet You can become a Twitter pro. Twitter is the ultimate short messaging service, a 140-character method of connecting with the world. Done right, Twitter can help you make contacts,

Social Networking

5 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Following

Tweet If you’re looking for way to increase your Twitter following without attracting spammers only, there are five steps you can take to ensure that you’re worth following: 1. Offer

Social Networking

10 Twitter Tips for College Students

Tweet Certainly, you can use Twitter to goof off or tell everyone you’ll meet them in the media center at 2:15 and see who shows up. You can also risk

Social Networking

7 Tips for Using Social Media to Choose a Great College

Tweet By Lior Levin Before the advent of the Internet, it was often difficult to find in-depth information about what college life was really like for students. Of course, it

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5 Twitter Tips to Enhance Your Experience

Tweet By Jeremy K. Armstrong Twitter is one of the most popular social networking websites, with tens of millions of people using it to advertise their businesses and for linking