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4 Ways to Obtain Grants to Further Education

Tweet With the growing technology and competitive job market, the need to further education has become absolutely important. Most individuals however may shy away from furthering education due to the

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FAFSA: Apply Early for Financial Assistance

Tweet If you are looking to save thousands of dollars on college expenses each year, the first place to start is with your Free Application For Student Aid or FAFSA.

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What Happens to Excess Pell Grant Money

Tweet A federal Pell grant are monies that do not have to be repaid, representing funds given by the U.S. government to help college students pay for their education. The

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No, College Grants Are Not Repaid

Tweet Does a Federal Pell Grant and other grants have to be repaid? On the surface, this question may seem silly to some, but it is clear that there is

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How to Apply For a Federal Pell Grant

Tweet In addition to the many college scholarships available to students, the Federal Pell Grant program offers yet another way to obtain the funds to pay for your college education.

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Space Technology Grads & NASA Fellowship Opportunities

Tweet NASA, America’s space agency, is in search of grad students who are interested in performing space technology research beginning in Fall 2011. NASA is offering Space Technology Research Fellowships


Pell Grants: Your Money Source?

Tweet Finding money for college can make all the difference in the world for many students, funds which can help offset the cost of higher education. College scholarships play an