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Academics Featured

5 Best Southern Grad Schools for an MBA

Obtaining a Master of Business Administration degree is required by many employers, companies that are seeking to hire the cream of the crop and compensate them accordingly.

Career Planning Featured

Career Choice: Sales Representatives

Sales people are responsible for selling goods on behalf of wholesalers or manufacturers, or may also have experience with marketing technical and scientific products.

Campus Cars Featured

7 Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Extreme weather can take its toll on your car. If you use your ride to take you back and forth to classes, you know that keeping it running smoothly is a priority.

Campus News Featured

Has the College Expense Bubble Burst?

Last week, SayCampusLife.com shared with our readers the trend toward improved tuition discounting at private colleges and universities.

Career Planning Featured

Career Choice: Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Marketing campaigns are launched after much research with market research analysts and marketing specialists responsible for gathering the information required to manage same. These professionals analyze local, regional and national trends, examining data to determine prices and sales, and to review what their competitors are doing.

Academics Featured

What You Need to Know About College References

Your admission to college is based on several factors including your grades, your test scores and your extracurricular activities. Another factor, sometimes not recognized for its importance, are the personal references you include with your application.

Career Planning Featured

Career Choice: Software Developer

Systems-level software developers remain in great demand, individuals skilled at creating, designing and testing software for a variety of computer application purposes.

Featured Personal Advice

Graduation Garden Party Etiquette Guide

>Choosing the wrong attire can be a shame when you’re attending an event to mark the end to your college career.

Education Tips Featured

Why Summer Classes Can Rock Your World

Tweet Summer classes can rock your world by having a profound impact on your studies. These days students have many options available to them for acquiring college credit. If you

Career Planning Featured

Career Choice: Pharmacy Technician

In most states you do not need a college degree to work as a pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technicians work under the direction of a pharmacist and may measure, mix and count out medications as prescribed, labeling bottles and ensuring that correct dosages are used.

Featured Personal Advice

What to Take and What to Leave: How to Prepare for University

Tweet You might bring too many of your belongings with you or too few, and you want to avoid either, really. In order to prevent any unnecessary stress and make

Featured Fun News

Final Fling: What to do After Graduating College

Tweet Like travel to Europe. Or, volunteering at a church mission in South America. Perhaps even backpacking their way across the United States. In reality, many college-bound students find that