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Off to College: What to Expect

Tweet Deep inside many first-year students are scared witless, fearful that they’ll be quickly figured out for who they really are: individuals who don’t quite know what to expect and

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LinkedIn is Ideal for College Students

Tweet In 2010, just 5 percent of college students were using LinkedIn to find jobs, but in 2011 that number surged to 28 percent.[2] Likely, the word about LinkedIn is

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Making the Most Out of Distance Education

Tweet By Phil C. Stone It offers endless possibilities for teaching and learning in four basic ways: immediate access, flexibility, work training and lifelong learning. Immediate Access New communication technologies such

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Sallie Mae-Ipsos Survey Shows Changes in How Families Approach College

Tweet A college education is still very important for most people. On Monday, the two groups released details about its latest national survey, finding that 83 percent of college students

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What Journalism Majors Can Learn From the Journatic Debacle

Tweet Updated July 12, 2012 — Corrections: Patch.com does not use Journatic to supply its content. Also, Ryan Smith’s article appears in The Guardian; he was not interviewed by the

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No, College Grants Are Not Repaid

Tweet On the surface, this question may seem silly to some, but it is clear that there is some confusion about how college financial aid is handled. For the record,

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7 Questions for College-Bound Students

Tweet SAT tests, college essays and campus visits are all part of the preparation for college. Enjoying one’s senior year of high school is also important, to create memories as

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Consider Getting a Degree in Forensic Psychology Online

Tweet By Anita Schepers Of course, going to a traditional college might not be in the cards for everyone. Fortunately, online schooling is a viable option today. Following your passion

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Dorm Life: Grin It, Bear It or Make the Most of It

Tweet By Amanda Green There are ways to spruce up your dorm room, inexpensively, so that it doesn’t look like a cell from Sing Sing. You can not only make

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4 Smart Tips for Successful Online Learning

Tweet If you are considering online learning, the following advice can help you get started. 1. School choice and academic program — Just as you would with a brick and

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7 College Myths Debunked

Tweet At SayCampusLife we’ve heard our share of tails about college, including the following seven we will debunk here. 1. Choose the most prestigious college that fits you. The more

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How to Apply For a Federal Pell Grant

Tweet Like a college scholarship, a Pell grant is not repaid — the monies awarded to you are applied to your college tuition, an amount up to $5,550 per year.