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College Completion: Where Students End Up

Tweet In some states, including Minnesota, at least one in four students that started college in 2006 completed their degree elsewhere. In Alaska, 28 percent of college students didn’t just

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Debt Savvy: College Students and Credit Cards

It is a fact that most college students have a credit card.

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Is edX the Future of Online Education?

Tweet That hasn’t stopped other prestigious universities from joining the program nor is it silencing speculation whether this education model can possibly endure. MOOCs Nonetheless, this Harvard-MIT project is bringing

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Background Check: Bachelor Degree Verification

In a tight job market, candidates may be asked to possess something that they did not need to have just five or 10 years ago: a bachelor’s degree. Numerous jobs, from file clerks to dental hygienists, may now require a four-year degree at some companies.

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For One College Librarian, Freedom of Speech is Under Fire

Tweet His post, since removed, criticized the publisher for substandard scholarship, with commenters offering their opinions including some in support of the publisher and some against. Legal Action Askey and

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Higher Education Advocates Call For Financial Aid Accountability

Tweet In a white paper released earlier this week, “Aligning the Means and the Ends: How to Improve Federal Student Aid and Increase College Access and Success, ” TICAS outlined

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Money Matters and Your Personal Finances

How you manage your personal finances can have a huge bearing on the way you live your life, with debt-free individuals having more choices and freedom than people buried underneath a mountain of debt.

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7 Reasons for Attending College

Tweet However, if you’re flexible in your choice of college, then there shouldn’t be much of any obstacle that would keep you from attending. Therefore, the answer here is “no.”

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5 Ways to Afford Your College Education

Today’s college students continue to encounter ever rising educational costs, presenting a major challenge to individuals and families alike as they consider ways to pay for their higher education.

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10 Survival Tips for College Students

You’ve been told, “College will be over before you know it, so enjoy it while it lasts.” While this mantra certainly offers some truth, it does not take into account those lonely, dark times at night when you wrestle with a term paper or simply wonder if your major is right for you.

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How to Balance Work and Your College Education

Tweet This educational approach, of course, takes longer than attending college full-time. But, it often gives students that must work the opportunity to further themselves in a very competitive job

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15 Career Tips for College Students

Tweet Some of the tools you acquire during your college years can serve you well later on, but only if you understand how best to take advantage of them. The