Sophomores: prepare for the exam

prepare for college exams

What's needed for sophomores? Keep the grades up, take the right courses, and more importantly, prepare for college entrance exams.

You will take these exams in your Junior year. By preparing now will help you ace the exam that can be a deciding factor for getting into college.

Below are four (4) quick summary tasks for the month of the HS sophomores:

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tasks for HS sophomores

Mapping Your Road

Use your sophomore year to map out your college plans.

Important tasks that your should consider:

  1. Meet with Your Guidance Department:
    design an academic blueprint for your sophomore, junior and senior years that ensure that you complete all of the required courses for college entrance.

  2. Develop Strong Academic Skills:
    continue developing those all important vocabulary, math, reading and problem-solving skills.

  3. Become familiar with the college entrance exams:
    namely the SAT and/or ACT. Plan to take some practice tests using PSAT practice booklets (see below).

  4. Develop those All-Important Extracurricular Skills:
    colleges love students who not only have strong academic backgrounds but also students who show interest in outside activities.

  5. Start Saving Your Money:
    every dime counts when you think about college costs and personal needs. Having a cash fund will make college a fun experience.

tasks for HS sophomores

Review College Exams

Get with your guidance counselor (or teachers, if you don't have access to a guidance counselor) about the following college exams:

  1. Advanced Placement
    you should consider taking Advanced Placement Exams or CLEP tests in your Junior and Senior years. This allows you to test out of some college courses that can save you time and money.
  2. College Entrance Exams
    almost all colleges and some trade programs require a college entrance exam for admission. These exams measure your ability to understand college-level materials.
about the two college entrance exams
about the SAT exam
about the ACT exam

tasks for HS sophomores

Get to Know Yourself

Take some personal self-assessment tests to determine your aptitude and character for job opportunities.

Understanding your personality type will help determine what career opportunity will bring you the most satisfaction.

some helpful resources
online quiz on what career type
Myers & Briggs self assessment
Keisey Temperament assessment

tasks for HS sophomores

Research Job Trends

Research future career opportunities to help decide what you want out of college. Find out what jobs are going to be hot and what jobs are not.

This will help decide whether to go to college, vocational school or jump right into your career.

some helpful resources
occupational outlook
employment projections
state-by-state labor statistics
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