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College Completion: Gap Widens Between Rich and Poor Students

Tweet College students from lower income groups have more opportunities to pursue a degree than ever before. Federal pell grants, scholarships and financial aid can provide the assistance these students

Campus News

College Rating System by the Numbers

Tweet New college rating system due in time for the next academic year. Soon, your college will be rated by the Education Department, providing a way for current and future

College Budgeting

How to Pay For Your Education Without a College Savings Account

Tweet Let’s face it: not every college student has the funds to pay for their education. College savings accounts have been around since today’s college bound students were born, but


Will This be the Year You Return to College?

Tweet When older adults return to college, they’re often labeled as “non-traditional students.” That means these individuals do not fit into the usual 18-24-year-old age category that describes the traditional

Finance Grants

No, College Grants Are Not Repaid

Tweet Does a Federal Pell Grant and other grants have to be repaid? On the surface, this question may seem silly to some, but it is clear that there is

Finance Grants

How to Apply For a Federal Pell Grant

Tweet In addition to the many college scholarships available to students, the Federal Pell Grant program offers yet another way to obtain the funds to pay for your college education.


No Degree? That Might Be A Problem.

Tweet Here’s a thought: you’re in college and are frustrated with your major, even dissatisfied with your school. You’re contemplating quitting, perhaps heading out to the work world in pursuit

Finance Scholarships

College Scholarships For Every Type Of Student

Tweet When arranging funding for college, you or your parents are probably tapping your savings, 529 college fund, considering private student loans and/or Stafford loans, and you may be looking