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Advanced Education

What You Should Know When Pursuing a University Degree

Tweet Benefits Of Having A University Degree Many benefits come with having a university degree. Some of these advantages include: More money This is a no-brainer. According to the state

College Search

Transferring From Community College to a University – Pros and Cons

Tweet There are a number of reasons people attend community college prior to transferring to a four year university program; cost of tuition is among the factors in this decision.

College Planning

7 College Wait List Strategies

Tweet You have just learned that you are in the equivalent of college purgatory. In other words, you have been wait listed by your top college choice. Neither accepted nor

Education Tips

How to Handle College Rejection

Tweet You have applied to the college of your dreams and have just received the dreaded thin envelope from the admissions office. Had the letter been thick, you would have

Campus News

College Rating System by the Numbers

Tweet New college rating system due in time for the next academic year. Soon, your college will be rated by the Education Department, providing a way for current and future

Campus News

Key Indications Your College is in Trouble

Tweet Earlier this month SayCampusLife reported that a small college in New Hampshire suddenly canceled classes just before the start of the current academic year. Without warning, hundreds of students


Failed Class: Now What?!

Tweet Failure can be devastating especially when it involves a failed college grade. For whatever reason, you did not score high enough to pass the class and you now have

Personal Advice

College Evaluation: Which One is Right for Me?

Tweet It happens so often: a high school student narrows down his or her college choice list to just two schools, but is unable to make a final decision. Time

Personal Advice

Student Legal Services and the College Student

Tweet Let’s face it: there may come a time while you are enrolled in college that you run into some sort of legal trouble. Your parents may not be in


The Good & the Bad of Intersession Courses

Tweet As colleges and universities wrap up the fall semester, the spring semester will kick in about four to six weeks later. During that lull, some institutions offer winter or

Campus News

Study Reveals That Student Housing Proximity Matters

Tweet Not every college student wants to live where rents are the cheapest. A Ball State University (BSU) study found that college students are willing to pay a bit more

Advanced Education

College Instructor Teaching Requirements

Tweet While colleges and universities employ full, assistant and associate professors, many schools augment their faculty with part-time or adjunct individuals. These people typically must hold at least a master’s