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Helpful Tools for College Students

How much will it cost? What forms can I use to plan for college? All are helpful tips at your fingertips.

A collection of forms, maps and worksheets to help plan, pay and move to college. They are FREE without registration.

How best to manage you money while attending college. Develop a budgeting plan and help reduce college living costs.

As a college student, it is time to establish and maintain your credit. It will be needed once you graduate and look for employment and housing.



After graduating from college, you’ll enter the workforce but also have more time for hobbies. Here are the hobbies you should get into after graduating.

Campus Life

Upgrading from a dorm to an apartment can be quite exciting. Here are some design tips you should keep in mind when decorating your new space.


Career Planning

Securing a job on campus can offer numerous benefits beyond financial support. It can provide practical experience, help you develop essential skills, and even contribute to your social life.

Securing a job on campus can offer numerous benefits beyond financial support. It can provide practical experience, help you develop essential skills, and even contribute to your social life.

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About Your Career

home contractor

earn money online for college

Jobs from Indeed

career management
Career Management Guides

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career assessments
prep n' find a career
managing and building your career

start a business

Looking to Buy Your Own Business

Nothing could be more rewarding than owning your own business or franchise. To use your business savvy and experience to grow it into a successful enterprise.

But to start, you need to find a business or franchise that has the established roots and room to grow.

Our Business Brokerage Unit can help

We have a complete guide to get you started:

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Business Buying Steps
quick summary plan on what to expect when you decide to buy a business.

Estimate the Business Value
what is the company worth? Get a professional valuation to determine the true value of the business. Lenders will require it to secure the necessary financing.

Contact Us
Using our contact form to ask any questions and to receive help to pull everything together to facilitate and maximize your value.

Grow Your Business
From marketing to finance, NovarsGroup maintains a network of professionals who can help you grow your business.

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Financial Aid

Your job may not always pay the best, and you’ll need ways to make more money to have a comfortable lifestyle. Fortunately, there are ways to increase your income with tasks and gigs.

Money Management Tips

In college, saving money might be the last thing you want to do, but start being responsible. Stop your unnecessary spending habits, keep the money, and spend it in a smart way.


Collegiate Sports

With sports ending for the semester and summer right around the corner, now is the time for schools and universities to start prepping their football fields for the upcoming season.

It’s a great achievement being enlisted to play at the college level. However, to keep coaches interested in enrolling you, you’ll need to make sure you’ve done all the right things.

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Cars for Students

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Navigating college campus parking can be a daunting task for students. From juggling between class schedules to securing a safe spot for your vehicle, the task is far from straightforward.


Campus News

There is a pressing issue that is currently rocking the higher education sphere – the alarming college dropout rate. What are the main causes behind this trend and what practical guidance on how to navigate through college successfully, steering clear of becoming part of this troubling statistic?

Off-to-College Planning

Your college choice won’t influence only the next four years of your life. Instead, it will shape your professional future. It’s simple, really.