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Advanced Education

Thinking of going to graduate school? Or maybe you need to advance your education with continuing learning. Let’s review a planning guide to help you in your decision.

Looking at grad school? So what’s needed to make the right choice and get into the grad school program you need?

Sometimes our careers need a boost or perhaps you need to pursue something totally different. This guide will help you decide.



The human body is made up of millions of cells and each of them performs a different function even with an existing division. The stem cell is unique because it possesses the ability to divide repeatedly in a way that creates new cells.

Campus Life

Whether you’re a full-time student or a teacher, the school year can be a lot to handle. After all, it involves an enormous amount of work. Unfortunately, this work can result in a deterioration of your health.


Career Planning

Everyone must decide on a general career path in college. This trajectory may change through your years of study, but people usually find their way into their passions during their first semester in school.

Depending on how seriously you’d like to be as a dog walker, there are classes and certifications to help you be the real deal. Though this can be something you do as a side-job for acquaintances, if you so choose, it could be an actual established business.

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About Your Career

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Career Management Guides

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career assessments
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managing and building your career

start a business

Looking to Buy Your Own Business

Nothing could be more rewarding than owning your own business or franchise. To use your business savvy and experience to grow it into a successful enterprise.

But to start, you need to find a business or franchise that has the established roots and room to grow.

Our Business Brokerage Unit can help

We have a complete guide to get you started:

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Business Buying Steps
quick summary plan on what to expect when you decide to buy a business.

Estimate the Business Value
what is the company worth? Get a professional valuation to determine the true value of the business. Lenders will require it to secure the necessary financing.

Contact Us
Using our contact form to ask any questions and to receive help to pull everything together to facilitate and maximize your value.

Grow Your Business
From marketing to finance, NovarsGroup maintains a network of professionals who can help you grow your business.

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Financial Aid

A college degree is no longer a gold star on a job applicant’s résumé – it’s a necessity to even be able to apply. Financing college tuition, however, has become more and more difficult for the average family as costs continue to skyrocket.

Money Management Tips

One of many first-time freedoms that comes with college is being able to decide how and where to spend money. A budget can help prevent students from making financial mistakes with serious and lasting consequences.


Collegiate Sports

It’s a great achievement being enlisted to play at the college level. However, to keep coaches interested in enrolling you, you’ll need to make sure you’ve done all the right things.

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Cars for Students

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Every driver knows there are occasional unforeseen obstacles on the road. Tire pieces, shattered glass, chunks of metal—everything and anything you can imagine can end up smack dab in the middle of the road.


Campus News

This is an easy, efficient, and budget-friendly way to transform the energy of your bedroom. When aiming for a wood element, stick to green, teal, and blue for your paint color. Greens and blues evoke the colors of nature and promote the sense of calmness we tend to feel in natural environments.

Off-to-College Planning

Public universities are already significantly more affordable than private universities because the state government assumes part of the cost of tuition. Nevertheless, a public university typically gives a tuition advantage to students from within the state where the institution is located.