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When it comes to preparing for law, it is not about focusing on law as a whole but specific subjects like civil, criminal or corporate. And even knowing that, there’s complete information overload.

Campus Life

Hello wonderful people! As the title suggests, today in this blog post we are going to discuss how can we get rid of boredom on college spring breaks.


Career Planning

In one of the worst data breaches in modern history, attackers stole almost half of the U.S. population’s social security numbers from Equifax. Millions of people’s sensitive information was compromised. The fallout of such a devastating breach like this could take years.

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About Your Career

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Career Management Guides

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Looking to Buy Your Own Business

Nothing could be more rewarding than owning your own business or franchise. To use your business savvy and experience to grow it into a successful enterprise.

But to start, you need to find a business or franchise that has the established roots and room to grow.

Our Business Brokerage Unit can help

We have a complete guide to get you started:

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Business Buying Steps
quick summary plan on what to expect when you decide to buy a business.

Estimate the Business Value
what is the company worth? Get a professional valuation to determine the true value of the business. Lenders will require it to secure the necessary financing.

Contact Us
Using our contact form to ask any questions and to receive help to pull everything together to facilitate and maximize your value.

Grow Your Business
From marketing to finance, NovarsGroup maintains a network of professionals who can help you grow your business.

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Money Management Tips

If you’re a college student, money is probably on your mind as you rack up thousands of dollars in student debt each year. It’s a good idea to make a little extra money to offset some of the costs associated with a college education.


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Cars for Students

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