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Campus News

Taking A Look Back At 2007

Tweet With millions of students in attendance at various schools of higher learning across the US, campus life is the frequent topic of discussion in the news. From victory on

Career Planning

Career Prep: Crafting Your Cover Letter

Tweet This is one in an ongoing series of articles to help college seniors prepare themselves for their careers. The last time that we discussed career preparation, we took a

Campus News

Commercial Colleges: Buyer Beware?

Tweet The American capitalist system is a tremendous example of a financial engine which has raised the standard of living for citizens, particularly over the past two or three generations.

NCAA Football

Are College Football Coaches Paid Too Much?

Tweet Every year college football coaches are fired, retired or leave for better paying opportunities. Keeping a coach at a school for the long haul is a difficult task for

Fun News

Merry Christmas!

Tweet From the blogging team of Krayton M Davis and Matthew C. Keegan we extend Christmas greetings to you and yours today. We appreciate your visits to SayCampusLife and invite

Personal Advice

Raising Cash Between Semesters

Tweet With Christmas just hours away, the last thing you may be thinking about is work. That’s fine, enjoy your Christmas and the time you’ll be celebrating with family members

Fun News

At 87, He Is A College Grad

Tweet Most students receive their college degrees while they are in their 20s with some returning students getting their degrees while balancing work and family responsibilities. A growing trend in

NCAA Football

Let The Bowl Games Begin!

Tweet The college football season runs from late August to early December with a 3-5 week break before the bowl games start. Unlike the FCS where a playoff system determines


Upper Echelon Universities Discard Student Loans

Tweet The cost of higher education continues to grow and at a pace well above the inflation rate. The pressure that these costs is putting on many middle class families

NCAA Basketball

Men’s Basketball: The Rout Is On!

Tweet Everyone knows that the college basketball season really does not get under way until the teams begin conference play. The first conference games usually start immediately after the first

Career Planning

Career Prep: Building Your Resume

Tweet This is one in an ongoing series of articles to help college seniors prepare themselves for their careers. Time To Dust Off The Resume Now that your winter break

NCAA Football

Mountaineers Roll To 3rd Consecutive National Crown

Tweet Whether you call it the NCAA 1-AA Football Championship or by its new name the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), the Appalachian State Mountaineers have won their third consecutive title