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College Scholarship Watch – Recent Trends & Gifts

Tweet First in an ongoing series. Billions of dollars of college scholarship money is made available each academic year, with untold thousands of recipients receiving full or partial assistance for


Should Your College Close Its Doors?

Tweet A number of years back I met a guy who told me that he had graduated from a small, Christian school that used to be located in New Jersey


The Best Of SayCampusLife.Com

Tweet On occasion, we here at SayCampusLife.Com like to pause long enough to review what we’ve written, by finding out which articles have been read the most and plan our

Collegiate Sports

LSU Tigers Snag 2009 College World Series

Tweet Throughout the 1990s, no Division 1 college baseball team was as dominate as LSU, who won five of the ten championships between 1991 and 2000. But, other schools quickly

Career Planning

Relaunch Your Stalled Out Career Aspirations!

Tweet New grads are setting out on launching their careers, but they’ll soon find themselves coming across another group of people – grads who left school in December or the

Campus Cars

Should You Send Your Daughter To School With A Car This Fall?

Tweet Lots of students will be heading off to college this fall driving their own or a family car and keeping that vehicle with them for the academic year. Some

Academics Campus News

Jack Welch Lends Name, Money To Online University

Tweet The name Jack Welch is synonymous with “business success” as Welch helped to change the culture at General Electric (GE) from a suffocating bureaucracy into a streamlined and much


NC Student Transfer Navigator Keeps It Simple

Tweet Collegians who are seeking to transfer from one college or university to another one, sometimes encounter difficulties including the loss of college credits. A class with a similar name

Campus News

NASA Announces Multi-Million Dollar University Funding Initiative

Tweet Colleges and universities are struggling to balance their budgets these days with some forced to lay off workers, curtail class offerings or hike tuition at rates well above the

Career Planning Personal Advice

Using Twitter To Land Your Next Job!

Tweet I’ve been a registered member of Twitter, that 140 character social media messaging site for about two years, but only began to use this nifty internet tool over the

Fun News

Catching The Couch Surfing Wave!

Tweet The internet has created quite a few phenomenons over the years including flash mobs where a large group of people suddenly converge upon one spot as well as rickrolling,

Fun News

Should College Grads Take A Year Off And Travel?

Tweet The job market hasn’t been this bad in at least a generation. At least that is what the experts are telling us. For new college grads seeking their first