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Florida College Students Gain Access To Free Textbooks

Tweet With college students paying upwards of $1200 each year for their textbooks, any move to bring relief to cash strapped students is certainly welcome news. University Press of Florida

Education Tips

The Top 5 Engineering Schools in the Nation

Tweet College is a necessity in this day and age for each one of us because it is a stepping stone to success in life. But there are some schools

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US College Students Head North In Record Numbers

Tweet Canada is becoming an increasingly important destination for college bound students in the United States. Although operating just 94 public universities across Canada (compared to $2500+ in the US),

Campus News

Loyola Latest College To Acquire A New Name

Tweet You almost need a scorecard to track all of the name changes over the past few years. Colleges are not only becoming universities, but some are changing their names

Fun News

Yuck! Bed Bugs Invade John Jay College

Tweet Founding father John Jay (pictured) must be rolling over in his grave right about now. The New York college bearing his name is under attack by a different set

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Let’s Get This Football Season Rolling!

Tweet Okay, the preseason is over. Not that major college football has one, but the first two or three weeks of play typically feature games between Top 25 teams and

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The Newly Minted Seminole State College!

Tweet Throughout much of the 1990s and on through the current decade, a number of colleges have transformed into universities, taking advantage of state laws which relaxed or modified the

Campus Cars

Hyundai Goes Blue With The Elantra

Tweet Compact cars are usually the model of choice for first time car buyers, vehicles which seat four or five people, come equipped with a fair number of standard features,

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College Applicants And Admissions Officers Facebook Friending

Tweet You have to admire prospective college students for thinking outside of the box when it comes to applying for college. It seems that quite a few students have discovered

Campus Cars

New Car or Upgrade the Old One?

Tweet For several weeks over the summer, consumers traded in their old cars for new ones, taking advantage of the federal government’s cash for clunkers program. That three billion dollar

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Nonconference College Football At Its Finest

Tweet There were a couple of nonconference college football games played last weekend certainly worth viewing again if you’re able to do so. Both USC and Michigan rallied late, sending

Campus News

Michigan Students Attend College Tuition Free

Tweet A select group of students from Michigan are attending university for free this year and will do so at no cost to them and their families until they graduate.