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Will The Apple iPad Change Everything?

Tweet Rumors have been swirling for weeks that the Apple iPad would be released, but when the news went down this past Wednesday there wasn’t much else that people wanted

Career Planning

Best Career Paths For College Students

Tweet High school students preparing for college as well as those currently enrolled but not yet matriculated may wonder what the future holds for them. With unemployment presently at double


San Francisco Institutes Open Source Software Policy

Tweet Tech students take note: the city of San Francisco recently announced a new software policy where Open Source is now the rule of the land. At least where city

Career Planning

Thank You Letter Fundamentals For Job Seekers

Tweet What is the most important writing assignment for college seniors these days? If you answered “term paper” that is a good answer, but there just may be a much

Campus Cars

Toyota Prius: The Future Is Now

Tweet With degree in hand, you step off of the stage and work your way back to your seat, tassel turned and your whole life ahead of you. And if

Study Tips

7 Strategies For Finishing Your Term Paper Early

Tweet You know the type of student I am thinking about: just days before their term paper is due, they suddenly get cracking and decide to burn the midnight oil

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You Can Make A College Survival Kit

Tweet Your son or daughter or other loved one is away at college, separated from you by time and distance, but still close to your heart. With the spring semester

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College Tax Deductions: Do You Qualify?

Tweet January is the month when taxpayers begin to assemble all of the forms, publications, and receipts related to the 2009 tax year. By early February you should have your

Career Planning

Facebook & Your Job Search

Tweet Today’s college students are among the most adept users of current technologies, people who will soon be putting into practice these talents when they launch their careers. No longer

Career Planning

Should You Move To Pursue Your Career?

Tweet Over the coming weeks, college seniors will be giving a lot of consideration to something besides their grades: what work they will take upon graduation. 2010 is not shaping


Twitter Rumors Reveal Underside of Social Media

Tweet Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, and other social media and networking websites have each played significant roles in the past few days, as people have sought to share information about

Campus News

Lynn University Students Remain Missing

Tweet Lynn University is one of the smallest colleges in Florida, a private school founded in 1962 as Marymount College, a Catholic college. Over the years, the school transitioned from