How to Make Money at College Sitting at Your Computer


By Ryan Child

Nearly every college student wants to become rich while there’re still at university. The main problem these students believe they have is a lack of time. How can I earn a lot of money and still achieve good grades?

In reality the issue that pulls most students back is not time but time management. Unfortunately, in order to achieve any goal a person must make sacrifices. At college that sacrifice is weekends. If a student wants to excel in class and make money then at least every other weekend must be exchanged for work.

Below, I have outlined three job opportunities students can take advantage of while sitting at their laptops.

Online Auctions

The most popular online auction is, of course, eBay. Setting up an account is simple but selling items is not as easy as it looks. The most important aspect of sales in any forum is the product. For example, a lot of people try to sell old clothes, shoes and books. It is important to understand that making money by selling what you don’t want is never going to work because nobody else is likely to want it either. On the other hand sports equipment and computer games are both huge sellers on all auction sites.

College kids have access to thousands of young people who are as desperate as they are to make a little money, and a large percentage of them have recently given up sports to play a lot of video games. Using the university newspaper or putting up posters around campus will attract students who are willing to sell. If the product is in good condition, it is worth buying. Generally the asking price will be low because your seller is a penniless student. Concentrating on just two categories will increase your focus and your cash flow. Once you have bought these items, you can re-sell them on eBay for profit.

Rewriting Articles

On the internet there are hundreds of companies that are looking for writers to re-write articles so they can avoid paying someone a lot of money to do further research and write a brand new article. These companies send an article to be re-written and pay the writer around $15 an article. This type of job is perfect for students who can spend a few hours on their laptop and, depending on how fast they write, can earn a lot of easy money.

A simple Google search will turn up a lot of websites that advertise these sorts of job.


Blogging creates the opportunity to share your thoughts with the world, attract followers AND make money. A Google search for ‘blog hosting’ will find plenty of websites to host your blog from. Here are the first five steps to start a successful blog:

  1. Choose a subject that you will be able to consistently write about at a high level. The subject should be specific e.g. St Louis Cardinals rather than general e.g. Baseball.
  2. Name your blog something that stands out but has keywords that will attract new followers.
  3. Link your blog to your facebook and twitter pages. Doing this will increase the amount of people reading your blog.
  4. Put your heart into keeping your blog posts at a high quality. This will ensure that your blog will build up a steady core of followers.
  5. Get Google Adsense attached to your blog. This will put small advertisements on your blog wall that will make you money when readers click on them.

Remember that in order to make any money blogging the quality of your blog must continue to stay high.

Of course getting a “real” job is the main alternative to working from your laptop. However, these types of jobs are generally time consuming and not very flexible. The main advantage from working for yourself is that you can work when it suits you. You have the freedom to build a work schedule that leaves you ample time to study well in order to get good grades, and also enjoy life socially

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