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Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Is Boise State Deserving of Being Number One?

Tweet The halfway point of the college football season means one thing: the first BCS poll will be released early next week. That Bowl Championship Series poll is what is


5 Culinary Arts Schools

Tweet If you are considering a career in food preparation, i.e. chef, head cook, food supervisor or similar position, having sufficient training going in can certainly help your cause. According


5 USA Trucking Schools

Tweet If you’re interested in starting a career quickly and you love to travel, then a job as a commercial truck driver could be right for you. Drivers operating a


5 Fashion Design Schools

Tweet The top fashion designers in the world have been “schooled” by some of the leaders of the industry, but many have also been educated by some of the finest

College Budgeting

Do You Know Your College’s Sticker Price?

Tweet We’ve discussed college costs extensively on these pages, offering tips on how students and their familes can beat the high cost of college.[1] The so-called “sticker price” – which

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

College FB Approaches Mid-Season Point

Tweet For some college football programs the half-way point of the season will be reached when they conclude their games this Saturday. It seems hard to believe, but we’re now

Study Tips

How to Balance College & Work

Tweet Ideally, you’ll head off to college and your tuition, room and board, books and other expenses will be covered. No concern about money — that worry is out of


4 Alternative Energy Schools

Tweet America’s deep dependency on foreign sources of energy have hurt the country immensely. We’re subject to the whims of an oil cartel and must compete with emerging nations for

Campus News

Community Colleges White House Summit Scheduled

Tweet Dr. Jill Biden, wife of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, will be hosting a Summit on Community Colleges on October 5, 2010. This first-ever event comes at the request