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Campus News

Hebrew College to Relocate its Campus

Tweet Newton Centre, Massachusetts based Hebrew College will be selling its campus in a bid to satisfy creditors and start anew. The Jewish educational institution, founded in 1921, has occupied


Rotten Tomatoes: Shadowy Scholar Tells All

Tweet If you aren’t familiar with “The Chronicle of Higher Education,” then you are missing out on a spectacular educational website. This site provides excellent information about higher education in

Personal Advice

The Student’s Guide to Black Friday

Tweet Today is one of the busiest shopping days of the entire year, the day when millions of people leave their homes hours before sunrise to get on long line

Personal Advice

5 College Commuting Tips

Tweet Although college dorms are filled with students who live on campus and don’t necessarily need or own a car, for many students commuting from home is the way that

Campus News Scholarships

LIFE Foundation Announces 2010 Scholarship Recipients

Tweet College bound students who have lost one or both parents often find themselves at a financial disadvantage to other students who can count on the support of two parents

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Final Week of College Football for Some Teams

Tweet Most college football programs will conclude their regular season this week with a handful playing their final games on Saturday, December 4. The absolute last game of the regular


4 College Laptop Buying Tips

Tweet Besides tuition, room and board, books and scads of fees, there are other expenses associated with attending college including the purchase of a laptop. Some schools offer incoming freshmen

Fun News

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Textbooks

Tweet You spent $942.57 on textbooks last semester before you saw the light. As in renting, not buying your textbooks that is. Unfortunately, you’ve accumulated quite a few textbooks over

College Budgeting

Best Ways to Save Money During College

Tweet By Joe Keefe College is a time when many people go into serious debt. The cost of an education combined with the lack of time to earn an income

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

College Football November Report Card

Tweet With just a few weeks left in the 2010 college football season, it is time to look at this year’s surprise teams as well as disappointments. Up until a

Study Tips

10 A-Level Revision Techniques

Tweet By Matt Deo Whether you go to a state school, private school, boarding school or college, exams are a part of life. So what are the best techniques to

Campus News Scholarships

Colorado University Announces Veterans, Spouses Scholarship Recipients

Tweet In a fitting tribute to America’s military veterans and timed to coincide with the Veteran’s Day holiday, Colorado Technical University has announced that the school awarded 50 scholarships —