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Campus News

Virginia Tech Fined for April 2007 Shooting Spree

Tweet Nearly four years have passed since a lone gunman opened fire on the campus of Virginia Tech, killing 32 students and faculty members before taking his own life. Seung-hui

Career Planning

The Correlation Between a College Degree and Lifetime Earnings

Tweet By George Gallagher It has always been said that a person does not need a college degree in order to become very wealthy over time. This is still the

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

Final Four: Cinderella & More!

Tweet Not a single top seeded team remains in this year’s NCAA Men’s Division 1 basketball tournament, with one team, Virginia Commonwealth University, making it to the Final Four despite

Campus Cars

How to Rent a Car When You’re Underage

Tweet Young drivers can’t catch a break! Insurance costs are high and gas prices strain typically limited budgets. If don’t own a car or at least want to rent one,

Personal Advice

Improve Grades and Fight the Freshman 15 with Diet & Exercise

Tweet By Jessica Bosari One 2004 Cornell University study found that the average freshman gained 4.2 pounds in the first semester of classes alone.1 Late night eating, binges on greasy


6 States in Desperate Need of Special Ed Teachers

Tweet By Amy J. Silver Special education teachers are a different breed. They aren’t quite the same as other teachers, and they often have to deal with much more in

Campus News

Sallie Mae Ramps Up No-Fee Student Checking

Tweet On the surface, the competition for student funds doesn’t seem as if it should yield much interest from financial institutions, given that the typical student’s income is below poverty

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

Sweet 16 Offers Several Surprises

Tweet Get used to it: Virginia Commonwealth is for real. After falling to Old Dominion in the Colonial Athletic Association tournament championship game, it appeared that the Rams would be


Free Money for College Expenses

Tweet Escalating college costs are hurting middle class families, some of whom make too much money to qualify for aid, which means students are forced to consider sometimes costly Stafford

College Budgeting

How to Sell Your Textbooks

Tweet The good news is that you have several choices for bringing in some cash and parting with several unwanted tomes including: Sell it back to the campus bookstore –

Personal Advice

Troubled Teens: Helping College Bound Students Stay on Course

Tweet That promising future, however, can come crashing down if your supposedly innocent teenager hangs around with the wrong crowd or makes a mistake that can come back to haunt

Personal Advice

How to Return to College Years Later

Tweet Perhaps to pursue a new degree or to complete some unfinished business, mature students often have a completely different outlook on life, gained through life experience and accomplishing goals