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Career Planning

Career Choice: Medical Appliance Technician

Tweet This professional is sometimes known as a prosthetics technician, an ocularist or an orthopaedic technician. Duties Missing a limb, an eye or having a disability requiring the use of

NCAA Football

Clemson Tigers on a Quest for National Greatness

Tweet Will the Tigers continue to shine this season? Three decades have passed since Clemson’s national title aspirations were last met and it has been two decades since the Tigers

Career Planning

Career Choice: Accountant

Tweet These professionals, who sometimes work as auditors, will encounter a wide variety of job duties depending on which of the four major fields of accounting and auditing selected: public

Career Planning

Career Choice: Meteorologist

Tweet Most meteorologists work for the federal government, but citizens are likely to encounter these professionals when watching television news stations. Every meteorologist has at least a bachelor’s degree, with

Career Planning

Career Choice: Urban Planner

Tweet Years of carefully planning has enabled some towns to become major cities, the joint handiwork of city administrators and urban planners who put their ideas on a blueprint, formalizing

NCAA Football

LSU, Alabama 1-2 in BCS Poll

Tweet As expected, LSU and Alabama are the two top teams in the very first BCS poll released this week. The two SEC schools are followed by a pair of

Book Reviews

Book Review: Panicked Student’s Guide

Tweet Choosing a College Major. Get it right and you can lay the foundation for career success and happiness. College Majors Choosing a college major isn’t that easy for some

Career Planning

Career Choice: Training and Development Specialist

Tweet These professionals design and conduct training sessions based on training requirements, in a bid to help people improve their performance. Specialists use a variety of printed and visual aids,


Your GPA and College Admissions Requirements

Tweet Most schools use a 4.0 grad scale with a 4 representing an “A,” a 3 a “B” and so on. The higher the GPA, the better the student’s chances

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

College Football Continues to be Overshadowed by Change

Tweet The 2011 college football season will go down as one that has been overshadowed by change. And, not change that has taken place on the gridiron. Just this past

Career Planning

Career Choice: Special Education Teacher

Tweet If you enjoy working with special needs people, particularly children, you may find a career as a special education teacher to be rewarding. Most classes are very small with

Career Planning

Career Choice: Actuary

Tweet Actuaries analyze statistical data including information desired by insurance companies: mortality, accident, disability and retirement rates that are calculated, assigned a risk and a forecast made for future liability.