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College Football Playoffs May Soon Become a Reality

Tweet Closing in on a playoff system for big-time college football. Major college football or what was once known as Division 1-A and currently called Football Bowl Subdivisions may finally

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Community College Advocacy Group Notes Shortcomings, Makes Recommendations

Tweet AACC sees America’s economic leadership at stake. The AACC recently finished a study of the community college system and found numerous shortcomings. In its related report, the AACC made

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7 Ways to Save Money at College

Tweet Keeping your college budget under control. Read on for some valuable and timely tips on how to save money at college. 1. Apply for financial aid — Regardless of

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Underemployed or Unemployed? You Are in Good Company.

Tweet Class of 2012 is having a tough time finding jobs survey reveals. These findings are the result of an analysis of government data conducted for the Associated Press and

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Is Congress Trying to Put For-Profit Colleges Out of Business?

Tweet Bill seeks to defund taxpayer supported marketing campaigns. Some schools have run into regulatory and repetitional trouble, casting a dark shadow over the entire industry. Senate Bill A bill

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How to Announce Your College Graduation

Tweet Tell the world about your accomplishment! Announcements have changed, but not the desire for people to let it be known that they’ve finished their studies and have secured a

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Third Look at 2012 College Commencement Speakers

Tweet Our latest look at the speakers who will be addressing the class of 2012. Our Monday list covered schools that will be holding commencement exercises beginning later this month.

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Second Look at 2012 College Commencement Speakers

Tweet Tassle-turning time approaches for this year’s grads. Well, at least you hope that your school scores a memorable name as its primary commencement speaker. Yesterday, we gave you our

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First Look at 2012 College Commencement Speakers

Tweet Tassle-turning time approaches for this year’s grads. The University of Michigan is one school that sends its graduates off early and this year Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN chief medical

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Low Graduation Rates Plague Community Colleges

Tweet States lose out when students fail to finish college. In recent years, community college enrollment has spiked as students look for a cheaper way to obtain education. Unfortunately, the

Career Planning

What College Professors Make

Tweet As of 2010, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 1,756,000 people employed as postsecondary teachers, including college professors. The forecast for this profession is bright,

College Training

5 Things to Consider Before Going to School for Game Design

Tweet By Sarah Danielson You know that it’s something that you and your friends enjoy, but for you, it goes a bit deeper than using it as a casual pastime.