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Do You Have to Have the Latest Smartphone?

Tweet From excellent mobile browsing to easy email access, smartphones are becoming our one-stop-devices for staying in touch and on the ball nowadays. The step up from a non-smartphone to

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The College Football Season Starts Tonight!

Tweet The 2012 college football season is here with 15 games scheduled for tonight and one game, Texas A&M at Louisiana Tech, already postponed. That postponement is a result of


How to Write an Effective College Term Paper

Tweet By following a careful “system” for writing your term paper, you can ensure that it will receive the best possible grade, aiding your overall grade as well. 1. Pick

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Your 14-Step College Planning Guide

Tweet You will also begin to consider colleges, a decision that you may finalize early in your senior year. The college planning process will begin once you finish your sophomore


5 Reasons for Transferring From Your College

Tweet Firstly, one in three college students will eventually transfer according to a report from the National Student Clearinghouse. Secondly, some students will drop out, but if you’re intent on

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Not Prepared: College-Bound High School Students

Tweet ACT reports shows significant shortfalls with four testing criteria. In its 2012 “The Condition of College & Career Readiness” readiness report, the ACT noted that 60 percent of 2012

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Off to College: Settling In

Tweet Within the next few days you’ll be starting classes, buying books, reviewing the semester’s class requirements and meeting new friends. If you’re already settled in at college, then this

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Does USC Deserve a No. 1 Ranking?

Tweet The first AP poll of the 2012 college football season is out and, as was expected, LSU is NOT on top of the heap. Instead, Southern California is ranked

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How to Get Ready for Grad School

Tweet Regardless of your reasons for wanting a master’s degree, you should start your graduate pursuit early on in your senior year of college. 1. Explore your options. When you

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Will the Big East’s New Commish Make a Difference?

Tweet Television contract is Aresco’s first priority. The Big East Conference announced on Wednesday that CBS executive vice president Mike Aresco has been named as its new commissioner. Aresco comes


How to Cover Your College Expenses

Tweet However, you’re falling short in having enough money for to pay for your books and for meeting personal expenses, a problem you hadn’t anticipated earlier. Fortunately, you have some

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How to Successfully Transfer Colleges

Tweet That’s a huge number of students that may have decided that their initial college choice isn’t right for them or have finished community college and are now desiring to