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Education Tips

About Those Campus Overnight Visits

Tweet Such stays are typically for one night and may take place in the dorm room of someone that the prospective student knows that attends that school. Overnight stays can


6 Architecture Blogs for Architecture Students to Read

Tweet Students who graduate from design and architecture schools will transition into creative professionals, yet creative learning and inspiration is never-ending. and spotlight a variety of websites that

Career Planning

Career Choice: Retail Buyer

Tweet Behind the scenes an army of buyers are busy, planning future purchases, reviewing inventories, negotiating prices with manufacturers and ensuring that store merchandise is current and priced competitively. Buyers

Campus Cars

Should You Choose a Flex-Fuel Vehicle?

Tweet Among these models are flexible-fuel vehicles or FFVs, cars that can run on straight gasoline or an ethanol blend. Read on and we will help you answer the question

Fun News

How to Compare Smart Phones

Tweet The Samsung Galaxy S III recently topped the iPhone 4S in sales, but there are many other models to consider. Read on and we will explore how to compare

Campus News

Impaired Teen Driving on the Rise Survey Says

Tweet A survey conducted jointly by the Liberty Mutual Insurance company and Students Against Destructive Decisions spoke with more than 1,700 teens, finding that New Year’s Eve is when teens


Five Worst Reasons To Attend College

Tweet Students may be told by teachers, parents, and guidance counselors that the only way to succeed in life is through a college degree. Though a bachelor’s degree is a

Personal Advice

Latest Edition: Paying For College Without Going Broke

Tweet Fortunately, families that are looking to contain these costs can do so by filling out a Free Application For Student Aid Report, the first step for receiving financial relief.

Fun News

Travel Ideas for College Students

Tweet Winter and summer breaks allow for extended travel, but the cost of making a trip can get expensive, especially if you do it alone. Regardless of where you go,

Collegiate Sports

Big East Conference Decay Continues

Tweet The Big East Conference will soon be a shell of its former self, despite its conference commissioner’s vows to move this beleaguered college sports league forward. Last week, the

Personal Advice

Cash-Strapped at Christmas: A Plan

Tweet With Christmas looming, a number of students may be wondering how to buy gifts for their parents, siblings and other loved ones with barely two nickels available to rub

Study Tips

How to Create a Functional Study Space in a Dorm Room

Tweet Professors do not care about whether or not a student has an easy time studying, and in many cases, they likely do not even know the students name. It’s