Why Summer Classes Can Rock Your World

Why Summer Classes Can Rock Your World
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    College students enjoy an extended summer break, typically at least three full months that they can spend away from their studies.

    Most students will find something to do with their time, by working, traveling, volunteering and perhaps even taking classes.


Summer classes can rock your world by having a profound impact on your studies. These days students have many options available to them for acquiring college credit. If you need reasons to take a summer class please read on.

Reason #1 — You’re behind your class. If you want to gradate with your class and are behind on your credits, summer classes provide the perfect opportunity for you to catch up. Either way you’ll get your degree, but graduating with your peers is an accomplishment you may not want to miss out on.

Reason #2 — You want to graduate early. For some students finishing college early is desirable. You may want to enter the workplace early or begin your master’s studies as soon as possible. Summer classes can shave a semester or two off of your studies, enabling you to finish college in as little as three years if you can handle the workload.

Reason #3 — You want to explore your interests. Summer classes allow college students to take classes they might otherwise not consider during the academic year. You’ll always find an off-beat class or an unrelated subject to your major. Taking such a class can broaden your horizons, perhaps refocusing your career path and educational aspirations. Such classes are sometimes accepted as electives.

Reason #4 — You’re home, but you want to study. You may attend college far from home, but that does not mean you cannot take summer classes. Your options here are many: distance learning with your current college, a transferrable course taken at a nearby college, or an online course that can be handled at your own pace.

Reason #5 — You want to raise your GPA. The longer that you are in school, the harder it is to raise your GPA. Still, if you took a course earlier and received a “C” or below, retaking the same course and scoring a “B” or better can help move your grade point average. Just make sure that the replacement course is sufficient and blots out your earlier grade. Yes, a higher GPA can make it easier to find a job or for getting accepted by a grad school.

Reason #6 — Summer classes rock. Summer college classes are short, intense, generally smaller in size and allow the student to gain more personalized attention with the professor. Instead of being the anonymous student, you can participate in class discussions, have your voice heard, interact with your peers and come away from the class enriched and empowered.

Summer Classes

College students should ensure that their summer classes are covered by their scholarship or aid program, otherwise such classes can present a tremendous and unexpected out-of-pocket expense. If you take classes outside of your college, make sure that your school will receive these credits. Complete a credit transfer form with your visiting college to have your credits forwarded to the college that will grant your degree.


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