Is an Entrepreneurship MBA Program Right for You?

Is an Entrepreneurship MBA Program Right for You?
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    The number of students going to business school increases by a small amount ever year.

    While you might think that you don't need an MBA because you want to open and run your own business instead of working for someone else, an MBA might help you launch that company.


Many schools across the country now offer an entrepreneurship MBA program that is specifically designed for those who plan to work as entrepreneurs and build their own businesses later. Before looking at some of these programs, you may want to find out more about what these programs offer and if school is right for you.

Do You Want Networking Opportunities?

Networking in person has a number of benefits over networking online. Anyone can say anything they want online, but when you have that person standing in front of you, you have a better idea about what that person thinks and feels. Many colleges and universities have an active alumni network as well. Those former students might help you find investors or invest in the companies that you start later, and you might even find a former student willing to work as your mentor.

Are You Interested in Learning More About the Business World?

You cannot even think about starting a company until you understand how the business world operates. While you can learn a small amount through books and online articles, you’ll learn even more in school. Many make the mistake of thinking that an MBA program will only let them study a specific area of business. Though you will take some entrepreneurship classes, you’ll also have the chance to take classes on accounting, preparing your taxes, expanding into international markets and hiring new employees.

Looking for Hands On Experience?

Sukanto Tanoto and other entrepreneurial gurus might tell those interested in starting their own companies that experience can help. As part of an MBA program, you have the chance to do an internship with a good company. Many programs even require that students spend at least one semester working for a company before graduating. This gives you the chance to work with people who started their own companies and get some idea about what you’ll face later on in your own career. Depending on where you go to school, you may even have the option of completing more than one internship.

The Power of a Degree

While you might think that you don’t need a degree to run your own company, you cannot discredit the power of a college degree. When you go to a top school, your degree can open doors for you that your name cannot. Those looking for investment opportunities might be more willing to take a chance on you after hearing where you went to school and where you interned. You can also turn to your professors to learn more about how they found success in the business world and get help from students in your classes.

Those with an MBA can make as much as double what students with other degrees make right after college. With more schools now offering entrepreneurship MBA programs, you’ll find that you can go to school and gain experience that will help you when you decide to open a new business at a later date.


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