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College Budgeting

College Living: Have Control Over Your Expenses

Tweet The college expenses that you will incur will largely depend on your lifestyle choices. You can get the best out of college by simply saying on a limited budget.

College Living

Eating Healthy (And Cheap) In College

Tweet The average college student gains 5 to 7 pounds in his or her first year, according to the Obesity Action Coalition, and puts on another 2 to 3 pounds

Social Networking

How to Turn Social Networking Into Social Support While in College

Tweet Making a decision to go to college is a huge and important reminder that you are about to make a difference to your future – from now on, you

Study Tips

Study Tips and Tactics to Ace your Exams

Tweet When you are asked what obstacles take over your academic success during exams in college, most of your answers are stress, work and depression right? What about a simple

Personal Advice

7 Amazing Tricks to Get More Out of Brain Health

Tweet But sometimes it can be challenging to make healthy choices when life is putting too much pressure on you. To help you out, we provide you with a list

Career Planning

Career Planning – How Much Time and Effort do You Really Invest in It?

Tweet Essentially, career planning is important regardless of whether or not you have already begun your career. It is impossible to overstate the importance of stepping out of your day

College Search

Big University Not For You? Five Great Options To Consider

Tweet There are many options available to further education and increase income potential. Online Classes Online classes offer the convenience of going to college for some who may not be


Mandated Health Care Coverage Options for Every Student

Tweet With the increase in medical care cost, students are a great financial risk should a medical emergency arise. The college student could end up high in debt prior to

Campus News

The Benefits of Attending a Medical Conference

Tweet You may have the opportunity to meet experts in your field who can teach you a lot. For example, conferences on medical imagining being held later this year in


How FREE is FREE Tuition?

Tweet College tuition is a widely-debated subject in the U.S., especially with the upcoming presidential elections. More and more politicians are stating their opinions on the subject, from high-flying elite

College Living

Moving Into Your First Off-Campus Apartment

Tweet How do you prepare to move? One solution is a moving checklist. The stress of moving can play with your mind, and cause you to forget a few things.

Job Search

5 Things To Do If You Are Unemployed on Graduation Day

Tweet Leaving school and entering the job market can be one of the most stressful times in the life of a young professional. After spending years in school being told