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College Budgeting

College Living: Have Control Over Your Expenses

The college expenses that you will incur will largely depend on your lifestyle choices. You can get the best out of college by simply saying on a limited budget…

College Living

Eating Healthy (And Cheap) In College

The bad news is that the “freshman 15” is real — college students tend to gain weight their first year away from home. The good news is that most freshmen do not tilt the scale quite that much. The better news is that the freshman 15 is completely avoidable.

Social Networking

How to Turn Social Networking Into Social Support While in College

One of the best ways of combating feelings of distress and depression is to build yourself a good network of supportive friends and people who are interested in the same things as you are.

Study Tips

Study Tips and Tactics to Ace your Exams

Back in high school, things were easy – you had set timetables, a set time to go home and most definitely a set time for homework and studying. Then you get to college and every day seems like an endless ream of time that you can use anyhow you want.

Personal Advice

7 Amazing Tricks to Get More Out of Brain Health

With age, a lot of people notice that their brains aren’t what they used to be. As early as one’s 30s people notice that their minds are not as sharp as when they were in their early 20s. Taking care of your overall health through proper nutrition and good lifestyle choices will show on your brain health.

Career Planning

Career Planning – How Much Time and Effort do You Really Invest in It?

Think about it, how frequently will you switch careers in your life? A significant number of people change careers at least a few times over the course of their lifetimes. How adaptive and successful your transition will be relies heavily on how much preparation and career planning you have done.

College Search

Big University Not For You? Five Great Options To Consider

Education after high school has become very relevant in obtaining secure employment. Not all people think they are capable of succeeding in college. Some may think they simply do not want to go to college.


Mandated Health Care Coverage Options for Every Student

With the increase in medical care cost, students are a great financial risk should a medical emergency arise. The college student could end up high in debt prior to even entering the employment stage. This can damage a person’s financial credit due to debt from medical costs.

Campus News

The Benefits of Attending a Medical Conference

Medical conferences offer the opportunity for professionals in the field to learn more about a specific topic, network with like-minded people and gain technical information. It is important to research the different medical conferences available to select the one that is the most suitable for your specialty.


How FREE is FREE Tuition?

Tweet More often than not, countries from Europe which have no tuition fees are given as positive examples – but is this something that is realistically possible in the U.S?

Job Search

5 Things To Do If You Are Unemployed on Graduation Day

You’ve put in the work, you’ve made the grades, and you have that diploma in hand. You are officially done with college and ready for the real world. There’s just one problem: you don’t have a job…yet.

Advanced Education

Four Ways to Improve the Value of MBA Degrees Obtained Online

Improving the value of your online MBA degree is worthwhile because it can help you develop valuable skills that are constantly in demand by employers.