Managing Work and Studies as a College Student – A 3 Step Guide

Managing Work and Studies as a College Student – A 3 Step Guide
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    Think of studying and working together and only one word comes to mind: HECTIC.

    Which isn’t completely false, but doesn’t have to be true for you.


There are a lot of college students who work part time or full time, and no, they are not isolated from the world, or failing every course. They are healthy individuals with good grades, happy bosses, friends and even their own families. And doesn’t that sound like what you want too?

While it’s true that classes/homework/exams/work/social life is a lot to have on your plate, the trick to managing this lies in finding the perfect balance. Easier said than done? Only because you don’t know HOW to find this balance.

Here are the three things you need to find the perfect equilibrium!


While you’re trying to ace your courses and make money simultaneously, your studies are still your number one priority.

  • Divide Course Into Chucks

    This is the oldest trick in the book, and for a very simple reason: it works! Dividing your course into small manageable portions, spread out over a period of days, will help you ten times more than cramming on the night before the due date will. Here are a few examples:

    If you have a reading assignment of 100 pages to finish in ten days, it’s simpler and more feasible to read 10 each day!

    If you have a research paper to write, do the research for it on one day, the planning on another and then in the end, write your assignment. This way you will know your work better, and will not be overwhelmed at the last minute.

  • Plan a Strategic Day

    This is extremely helpful when exams and tests come around. You have to make time for ONE day to zero in on your studies, and leave everything else on hold. Take a day off from work if that is possible, or use a Saturday or Sunday closest to your exam, but squeeze this day into your schedule. This will reduce your stress level before an exam, and actually studying beforehand is the best coping mechanism for exam stress!

  • Increase Reading Speed

    This requires no explanation: if you can read faster, you can get your work done faster, and have more time for other things. Simple. Try finding tips to learn how to read faster such as the ones mentioned here.


It is a known fact that managing time becomes increasingly difficult with a college and work schedule. Since there is so much more than just showing up to class or your workplace, here are a few tips to manage your hours effectively:

  • Car Rides

    With the insane traffic, your distance time shoots up to 30 minutes instead of just 15. This is the perfect time to play an audio book or your recorded lecture or a recording of your friend explaining Plato’s concepts. Play anything! But LISTENING to your course content helps a great deal and makes being stuck in traffic a blessing in disguise!

  • Few Minutes Add Up to Hours

    Waiting at the dentist’s or standing in a long grocery line are things you can’t avoid. But you don’t have to spend them idly. What are smartphones for? Stock up pictures of notes, study aid apps or PowerPoint slides and go through them as you wait! Make every minute count!

  • Maximize Holiday Time

    This is when you have to control the party animal in you, and become the boring nerd. It’s for your own good and excessively wasting time is not going to get you anywhere. Holidays are the perfect time to get the most work done. You can wake up early, you don’t have to show up to class and you can study for as long as you want!


Probably the most important thing to do. And easiest to lose track of. Burning out at the end of the day defeats the purpose of working so hard all week. It is not as hard you think.

  • Prioritize Sacrifices

    Having a hectic schedule involves sacrifices, you already know that. Family time and work outs are important for YOU and so be selected. However, a new show series can wait till after your exams have ended, right?

  • Talk to Your Manager

    Keeping your manager well informed about your schedules helps quite a lot. Consider the following

    • Tell him/her when you have exams and will need some time off, IN ADVANCE.
    • How you can make up for that time later on – such as showing up early or working over the weekends.
other valuable readings:


At the end of the day, you have to keep your ultimate goal in mind. Tough days can make you want to quit your job or drop out of school, but you have to remember why this is important for you in the long run.

All you need is discipline, and a few wise decisions, and your life will run far more smoothly than you had imagined. And as much as you may hate to admit this, having a friend circle with the same discipline and work ethic is crucial too. Afterall, this cannot be one sided; if you’re making time for your friends, they have to be available too!

Let your friends read the tips and tricks talked about here so they can manage their time effectively. In the end, along with work and school, you and your friends will have time for each other as well – Win-win!

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