How Educators Can Make Test-Taking More Effective and Standardized

How Educators Can Make Test-Taking More Effective and Standardized
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    Standardized tests are simply tests that are used to measure students' knowledge base.

    So much emphasis is placed on the test itself and not on what it indicates.


Here are some methods that educators can employ to make the testing process more effective and standardized.

Teach Up

Don’t dumb down your lesson plans just because you don’t think that your students will be able to grasp the concepts. This sets the bar very low and you may find that your students are bored during class.

Find unique ways that you can explain the concepts so that they more closely relate to the abilities of your students. For example, math concepts need to relate to real world examples instead of just what the textbook dictates.

Practice Principles

Many educators make the mistake of focusing on the types of questions that will be asked on the standardized tests. This approach leaves your students unprepared for a slight variation on the question because they don’t grasp the principles behind the idea.

It can be useful to use past tests for examples, but these shouldn’t dictate your teaching plans. Use K-12 exam programs to help you with the development of some of the principles that need to be taught in your class.

Assist in Question Development

Certain questions may be confusing or not accurately reflect the language of your students. Developing the questions to make them more easily understood could help with the standardization process. Many of the questions on standardized tests are written by educators.

Offering advice for how they can be adapted may make the test taking process more effective in measuring the grasp of concepts over the ability to decipher the thought process that went into the question on the test.

other valuable tips:

Examine Past Performances

Don’t just look at the past performances of the students when you’re evaluating the effectiveness of the standardized test. Examine the questions so that you can determine if there’s a concept that needs to be introduced into your lesson plans. This can give you a good measure on how well your techniques are being received. Look across your whole state when it comes to how well students are doing. This will give you a better grasp on what’s working and what needs some improvement.

Remove the pressure when it comes to standardized testing for your students. Use these tips so that you can help to make the test taking process more effective and standardized in order to get a better measure on the abilities of your students.

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