3 Key Reasons Why College Sports Athletes Need To Be Paid!

3 Key Reasons Why College Sports Athletes Need To Be Paid!
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    When President Roosevelt formed the NCAA back in 1905, he wanted to create an institution that would provide financial assistance to those student-athletes who were involved in different sports.


Sadly though, more than a century later, many feel that the organization has not lived up to its expectations. Today, athletes draw in an astonishing amount of close to 11 billion dollars every year, but it all goes ‘into the pockets’ of administrators and coaches in the form of performance bonuses as well as high salaries.

Yes, the players get almost nothing despite their huge efforts, passion, and dedication in their respective sports. It’s, therefore, not shocking to hear that most colleges are now fighting back against such unfair malpractices by the NCAA. To help them out, we have put together some compelling reasons on why we also feel that college athletes need to be paid. Take a look!

1. They Spend Long Hours Practicing and Studying To Safeguard Their Scholarships

Here in America and in different parts of the world, employees work between 8 AM to 5 PM within the 5 working days of the week. Such means that they spend around 40 hours every week and at the end of it all, they get paid. Now, the average NCAA college division one footballer also take the same number of hours in training, travel, and games as well as 10-hour classes.

In fact, most of them spend close to 90 hours every week in lecture halls and on the field. It’s just like having two full-time jobs and an extra one during the weekend.

So, for all those NCAA administrators, support staff and executives who feel fatigued after only 42 hours, know that the student-athletes are suffering from the same intellectually demanding and physically challenging situations too. However, unlike these officials, such students have no salary to take home!

2. Most College Athletes Are Struggling To Make Their Ends Meet

One of the most significant reasons why the NCAA has chosen not to pay college sportsmen and women is because most of them have full scholarships covering essential factors like accommodation, tuition, and fees.

However, what they fail to realize is that there are other crucial expenses which scholarships do not cover.

For example, those who take 90 hours in training sessions find all the dining facilities closed once they’re through with the practice or work-out sessions. They, therefore, have to use their own cash to get some food as their scholarships do not provide them with extra dining options. Other expenses include:

  • A) Rent
  • B) Buying suits for fundraisers and mandatory banquets
  • c) Medicines in case of injuries and illnesses

3. Paying Students Increases The Level Of Competition In Every Sport

Although the NCAA says that paying athletes in colleges destroys the competitiveness in their respective sports, here, we feel that it would only motivate them to work harder. Let’s take the example of the NFL, which pays players according to their performance and worth. Such payments drive them to train harder to keep their rank in the team.

By paying its athletes, the NCAA would also inspire students to concentrate more on improving their game for higher rewards. Most importantly, they would use that extra ambition and energy to become bigger and better competitors who will eventually bring more money into the NCAA.

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The above reasons are why we feel that college athletes need to at least earn some cash for the struggles they go through just to bring pride and honor back to their institutions. Yes, although many have scholarships, they are still not enough to cover for their daily expenses and emerging needs.

With all these factors in mind, do you also feel that the NCAA should start paying its sportsmen and women? Well, if you do, then help us to spread the word by sharing this information with your Twitter and Facebook friends. Show them what our young athletes are going through as they try to excite us on the fields and pitches!

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