No Friend With a Truck? How Students Can Move Housing on Their Own

No Friend With a Truck? How Students Can Move Housing on Their Own
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    College is a time of frequent moves. If you're not going from one dorm room to another, you're constantly searching for the right apartment.


If you don’t have a friend with a truck, though, making all of those moves can be pretty difficult. Below are a few good solutions for those without an easy way to move their stuff.

Get Boxes from the School

If you’ve got enough items to actually need boxes, you’ll quickly find that cardboard boxes themselves aren’t exactly cheap.

A great way to avoid this price altogether is to check with your school and other local resources to see if they have any extra boxes.

One of the best places to check is your cafeteria, as the food delivery boxes need to get thrown out and they can make fantastic moving boxes for those in a financial bind.

Hire Packers

If your problem is getting your things packed up, it might make sense to hire a packing service. This kind of service won’t necessarily move your boxes, but they will come into your dorm or apartment and pack up everything that needs to be moved.

This can cut down on the time you need to spend preparing to leave and allow you to feel comfortable knowing that everything you own has been professionally packed.

Hire a Moving and Storage Service

If you don’t have a friend with a truck, you will definitely need someone to help you to move your bigger items. The best moving and storage companies in NJ will move your heavy items and boxes for a fair fee and they can even help you to find someplace to store your possessions between semesters. If you can’t move your things for free, you definitely need to get some professional movers to help you out.

other valuable tips:

Advertise Your Contract on Student Forums

Most college students are willing to put in a little manual labor if they can make a few extra dollars. If you’re going to move, put out an advertisement on your student forums. You might be able to find someone who is willing to help you move heavy items or who can even transport your furniture for a nominal fee. While you won’t get professional service, you will get the help of a peer who’s willing to do more for less.

You don’t necessarily need a friend with a truck to move. Make sure you look at what you need and then find someone who is willing to help for the right price. With a little research, your move will go smoothly.

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