Study Hacks – How College Students Can Improve Their Memory

Study Hacks – How College Students Can Improve Their Memory

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    Our memory is a muscle, which is how our body stores information that is repeated motions and allows us to act smarter and move faster over time.

    The truth is anyone can build and develop muscle memory to help their brain remember information.


Here we got you some ideas on how to remember quicker and more easily to help you with college life.

1. Readout loud

This might make you look silly, but, really it will help you to remember what you read instead of reading it over and over. However, this idea should only be done in your house or inside your dorm. Don’t try this in a crowded place, like a library or any area that is surrounded by people.

2. Teach your siblings or friend

The best way to learn is to try to teach what you have learned if you really understand what you read. This will also help you out if you remember anything inside of the book. Try to study with classmates as well and share with each other what you’ve learned to have better results.

3. Draw something interesting

When you draw diagrams, it will help you to remember information that is hard to describe in words.

For example, you have a science exam where you’ll have to memorize all the information, what you’ll have to do is to draw a label diagram (like a human heart, for example) that you can remember in your exam. So, try your best and get practicing.

4. Use random strategies

This might be off-topic, but spraying your room with an unfamiliar scent while you’re studying will help you focus on what you’re reading. So, keep spraying when you start reading. Besides that, you might also try to chew a piece of different chewing gum. Try this, and it’ll help you out with your studies.

other valuable tips:

5. Use apps to block sites

When you’re reading using the internet, it’s likely you’ll be easily distracted with ads, which means it will be hard for you to complete or remember things. So, in order to avoid distractions, try blocking website ads that are showing up over time. Try to discover apps that will help you study easier.


Our final piece of advice is, try to stay positive and read and study carefully in a peaceful state of mind as well as motivate yourself to remember what you learned.

Don’t be afraid to do strange things like implementing random ideas that will help you remember what you study. Do what’s best for you, and enjoy it.

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