6 Ways to be More Productive in College

6 Ways to be More Productive in College
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    Fresh experiences, new friends and a bright future — the college experience is full of possibility.

    Ensuring success in college is not easy, but with a few tips in mind, you can prosper no matter what challenges come your way.


How can you be more successful in college? Make the most of your time and efforts by heeding these valuable pieces of advice.

1. Focus on Nutrition

You’re not likely to get very far when you’re running on little sleep and processed foods. Dr Steven Gundry MD, a renowned cardiac surgeon, says the key to a healthy body lies in the gut. Many of the easy to grab, convenience foods that college students snack on do more harm than good when it comes to staying mentally and physically strong.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money eating healthily. Frozen fruits and vegetables are inexpensive and simple to prepare, while fresh produce is easy to pack in your backpack for a midday snack. Ditch foods that are shown to increase inflammation, as they’ll only weigh you down at a time when you need to be on your A-game.

2. Set Goals

Even if you haven’t decided your exact career path, you know that a college education can take you wherever you’re headed next. College provides more than just academic opportunity. Students can walk away from college with lifelong friends, community service experience and valuable life lessons.

Determine what you’re after and what it takes to get there. If you’re looking to build technical skills or better your public speaking, pack your schedule with challenging classes to help you grow your abilities. Start small, but keep larger goals in mind to stay on track.

3. Manage Your Resources

Without adequately keeping track of your resources, college success will be impossible. College is undeniably costly, time-consuming and potentially exhausting.

Creating boundaries and expectations for yourself can not only lay out realistic possibilities, but it can go a long way in preventing undue stress.

Set up weekly and monthly plans to budget out both your time and money. Knowing how many hours in a week you have to spend studying can help to maintain balance and reveal how many hours you have play, too.

Always be as frugal as possible with your money, but set aside some funds to go out with friends once in a while.

4. Make Connections

Success in college is more than just straight A’s. Connections with faculty and college organizations not only help you feel like a part of a greater whole, but they can also serve you well after you graduate.

Take time after class to connect with professors in your desired field, and join clubs or groups with classmates on the same career track. Focus on building genuine, honest relationships. Don’t simply get your name out there just to pad your resume.

5. Lean on Peers

From study groups to roommates, you’re never alone at school. Everyone in college is essentially in the same boat, so the more you’re able to work with your classmates, the easier your experience will be. College relationships can even turn into lasting friendships.

Don’t be afraid to reach out, no matter how hard it gets. Everyone on campus wants you to succeed. If you’re in need of financial, emotional or wellness support, there are also many on-campus resources to turn to, many of which are peer-led.

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6. Believe in Yourself

Though it may seem hard to imagine at times, you earned your place in school through diligence and hard work — and your merits got you there. Be confident in yourself. Sometimes the only way to achieve your goals is just to shift your mindset and believe that you can do it.

Pulling all-nighters and making new friends can seem intimidating, but millions of students have made it through before you. You have everything it takes to succeed in college, no matter how you define that success.

Preparing for the future is no easy task, but if you don’t have fun along the way, you’re sure to set yourself up for unnecessary challenges. No matter what, make sure to enjoy your college experience — even the hard stuff.

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