The Best Outdoor Activities in the Spring

The Best Outdoor Activities in the Spring
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    The arrival of spring is a joyous occasion as the ground thaws, flowers bloom, and foliage returns to dead trees.

    However, this sudden switch can discombobulate many people.


One day you sled down an icy hill, and the next, you sunbathe in temperate weather. To help you navigate this change, read about the best outdoor activities in the spring.


With the roads and nature paths finally cleared of snow and ice, it is time to break out your bike. You can use a bike to get to classes or commute to your job, and the springtime is when you can do so with ease.

The spring sunshine will invigorate you as you ride instead, and you don’t have to face the frigid winter wind slowing you down. You can also take your bicycle out on the weekends to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise.


Hiking is the easiest way to get out of the dorm and into nature. While your studies keep you confined, hiking gives you the freedom to explore the world.

Sure, you can hike in the winter, but it’s nowhere near as warm or as enjoyable as in the springtime. Get out under the new foliage and flowering shrubbery as the world turns green again.

Though spring brings the hope of warmth, it often falls into cold snaps for a few days. If you want to explore on the chilliest spring days, plan ahead and follow the best cold weather hiking tips. This is especially important to know if you plan to hike and camp overnight when temperatures drop.


If you enjoy the outdoors but don’t want to exercise, a picnic is a perfect solution. You may want to journey to a pretty, secluded spot and it doesn’t require much physical activity.

You can pack a nice meal and share it with a friend under the warm sun, watching the clouds roll by on the breeze. If you don’t have a kitchen to cook on your own, you can swing by your favorite restaurant for takeout.


Gardening is a fun and inspiring project to undertake, especially when spring blooms come around. As a student, you pour countless hours into homework and studying. At the end of the day, your mind is spent. Instead of adding more mentally taxing items to your to-do list, get outside and play around in the dirt.

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Find some fun flowers to grow and maybe a vegetable or two. Gardening is great for those who live in townhouses or apartments with a small yard. If you live in a dorm, ask a friend if you can use their yard or find a communal garden to join.

The coming of spring typically coincides with the halfway point of the college semester. Try out one of the best outdoor activities in the spring before you return home for the summer. Whether you need a breath of fresh air or a study break, get outside and smell the roses.

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