The Advantages of Living Off Campus in College

The Advantages of Living Off Campus in College
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    It is such an exciting time when you move away to college.

    One of the most significant decisions you have to make is to decide between living in the dorms or off-campus.


Each one offers a unique lifestyle, but there are many advantages to living away from the university. Here are a few of the benefits that come with residing off-campus.

You Have More Room To Live In

Dorms are not much bigger than a bedroom, with enough space for two single beds, dressers and a pair of desks. That doesn’t give you much room to relax in, and though there are common areas, they don’t provide privacy. Plus, some dorms don’t even have a kitchen to cook in or private showers.

With UW off campus housing, you have your own bathroom, living room, kitchen, and a whole separate sleeping area. You may have an outdoor patio or balcony to sit and relax on and get some fresh air.

This is a much nicer living situation than being crammed into a tiny room all the time. Even if you choose to share your space with a roommate, you have your bedroom that provides a quiet retreat to get away from it all.

There Are Fewer Rules Off-Campus

Another advantage of living away from school is freedom. For many, this is your first time living away from the watchful eyes of your parents.

Even though you are on your own in a dorm, many regulations and rules are to be followed. In some ways, you’ve only exchanged one type of supervision for another.

Living off-campus allows you to have guests over at any time, cook any type of food you’d like, and enjoy making decisions about how to spend your time. Plus, with fewer rules to follow, there is less chance that you’ll lose privileges for accidentally breaking one.

You get to Learn Life Skills

When you live off-campus, you have to be responsible for your living environment. The tasks of cleaning and maintaining your home are up to you.

The bathroom, kitchen and living areas are all additional areas you need to tidy up. You also get to take care of grocery shopping and cooking. There is a lot of pride in doing these things on your own, knowing that you can take care of all these things on your own. You may even decide that you enjoy cooking or have a knack for decorating.

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This is also a time when you learn to manage your money, pay bills and rent on time, and balance work and play. Learning these skills early on allows you to be successful in the future.

Off-Campus Housing Saves You Money

When you choose where you live, you get to decide how much you want to spend on rent. Do you want a roommate to split the costs?

You get to pick what works best for you. You can also cut costs by choosing where you shop for food and what you eat since you aren’t tied to a specific meal plan.

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