Top Video Interview Tips for College Students

Top Video Interview Tips for College Students
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    COVID-19 affected how employers handle job interviews, and the majority have resorted to video interviews rather than the usual face-to-face.

    For this reason, many individuals are learning how to impress employers during video interviews, including college students.


Understanding video interview tips for students will help you find your first job easily after graduating. Note that you still do not have work experience, so making a good impression is an excellent way to be considered for a position.

Video Interview Tips for Students

Employers use video interviews to assess your personality and know if you are the right fit for their organization. The below tips will help you stand out among many and give you a better chance for success.

  • Prepare Early

    You need to prepare for the video interview early to avoid embarrassment. Check if you have a stable internet connection to avoid interruptions during the interview process. You can also ensure that your computer is fully charged for safety purposes in case there are power interruptions.

    Suppose it’s your first time participating in a video interview. In that case, you have to practice how to use the video interview software. Also, confirm if the camera and microphone are in perfect condition.

  • Dress Professionally

    Even if you are to participate in an interview while at home, you must dress to impress. First impressions are part of determining factors to land you your dream job, so ensure that the way you dress makes an employer envision you as part of their team.

  • Arrive Early

    Do not let the interviewer wait for you. Instead, arrive on time and let them find you waiting. This shows how serious you are and proves that you will not need to work with lots of supervision.

    Arriving early also gives you enough time to check if you have everything you need for the meeting.

  • Find a Conducive Environment

    It is essential to find a quiet room for a video interview. There should be no distractions in the background, such as wallp[apers and pictures that may distract your interviewer.

    You want the interviewer to focus on you to prove your worthiness in performing a specific job. Avoid cell phones in the interview room and if it’s a must-have, make sure it is silent to avoid calls in the middle of an interview.

  • Know the Type of Video Interview

    Video interviews are either live or recorded, and understanding the type of video interview allows you to prepare early. For example, for live video interviews, you will have to compose yourself to face the interviewing panel, if any.

    This includes checking your computer, dress code, and more. For recorded interviews, you can schedule a time that is convenient for you to answer the questions.

  • Understand the Company¬†

    If a job interviewer asks you about their company, what will your response be? Having enough knowledge about a company you want to work in is a contributing factor to succeeding in a video interview.

    The job interviewer will take you seriously as an individual who really wants to work with them. Most companies have websites, so it’s easy to get all the information you need including values, history, founders, and more.

  • Have a Hard Copy of Your Resume

    Some job interviewers will want to verify your resume, so ensure that you bring a hard copy with you to avoid surprises. Make sure that your is up to date, easy to read, well polished.

    If an interviewer doesn’t ask you for the resume, you can ask if they want one at the end of the interview.

  • Observe Your Body Language

    Interviewers are always keen on body language during video interviews. You want to come out as a confident and respectable candidate, so the first step to achieving this is through eye contact.

    Make sure you also don’t hold your chin or cross your arms, as this will come out as being rude. Additionally, smile but don’t laugh or giggle. You do not want to be viewed as being too serious or a joker.

  • Be Honest

    Do not lie in a video interview since most interviewers will conduct background checks on you. Instead, let them understand that what they see and know is exactly what they will have if you get hired.

    Answer what you are asked honestly, even if it’s embarrassing to talk about it. However, you do not need to put out a lot of information.

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  • Don’t Rush to Answer Questions

    If you are participating in a video interview for the first time, your nerves may take control. This may make you answer the questions asked the wrong way, making you lose to another interviewee.

    The trick around this is that you should think before answering the questions. Listen carefully for what you are asked and come up with relevant answers.

The video interview tips for students above will help you as a fresh job seeker. Note that while conducting interviews, employers do not just look for plus points for you to qualify. Instead, they also take notes or the red flags, and if not keen, you will find yourself unqualified for the job.

That being said, follow the above video interviewing tips and understand the red flags in a video interview if you want to qualify for a job.

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