Must-Have Packing Supplies for Long-Distance Moving

Must-Have Packing Supplies for Long-Distance Moving
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    The moving process is long and tiresome. You have to make a hundred different plans and be ready to rearrange them at the last minute.

    While the entire circus can feel overwhelming, it's best to take it one step at a time.


Here are the must-have packing supplies for long-distance moving.


Boxes are the key to a successful move. When you have dozens of items to put away into large containers, the classic box is the ideal solution.

Brown cardboard boxes are the standard for moving—they provide a large amount of space with decent cushioning and structure that will keep your belongings safe.

If you want to step up from this classic choice, go with banker’s boxes that are a bit smaller and thicker but feature hand holes. These boxes are the best for moving heavier items and paper files.

Should you want to bring boxes that you plan to keep, it is best to invest in plastic boxes with removable lids. Plastic will hold its structure best under pressure, making it perfect for delicate items like drinking glasses.


When you have your boxes ready for packing, you’ll need tape to fold and secure them. The classic cardboard boxes often come flat in stacks, so you’ll need tape to build them at home.

The best tape for these boxes is wide, clear packing tape. It adheres to the cardboard skin well and will not come off until you rip it in your new home.

While packing, you may put items into smaller boxes or combinations that require different kinds of tape. Use thin, semi-opaque desk tape for these jobs. It is strong and easy to maneuver around objects that need delicate packing.

If you plan to pack with large plastic storage bins, try using duct tape. While duct tape gets a bad rap because of the residue it leaves behind, it is a very secure way to pack your items.


While you’re packing everything up, you’ll need cushioning to protect delicate items and fill in the gaps. Any space between items is an opportunity for breakage, so make sure you pack tightly and well.

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The best cushioning is bubble wrap since it uses small pockets of air that can pop if items bump together. If you need a simple space filler, try our packing paper. This brown paper is thick enough to bunch together and hold its shape while also being lightweight and unobtrusive.

Remember to have these must-have packing supplies for long-distance moving on hand as you move out of the house for the first time. If you need help with using any of these materials or would rather not worry about moving the boxes once you’re finished, work with a professional moving service. These people have all the tools and know-how to maneuver large furniture and delicate items across long distances.

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