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Social Networking

7 Facebook Mistakes College Students Make

Tweet Let’s take a look at seven of the chief mistakes college students make when using Facebook: 1. TMI — Too much information about yourself can lead to people stalking

Campus News

Corinthian Colleges Abruptly Shuts Down

Tweet Corinthian Colleges, under intense scrutiny including from the federal government, abruptly closed its doors on Sunday. The move by this for-profit college system effectively left 16,000 college students without

Study Tips

The Best Approach to Surviving College Summer School

Tweet Who in their right mind would voluntarily take summer classes? Notably, some of your classmates and hundreds of thousands of other college students across the nation would. College summer

Personal Advice

Beyond College: Your Road to Success

Tweet Soon, your college years will be over. And that means you will be entering the workforce and pursuing the career you have longed to realize. These are exciting times

Study Tips

How to Master Your Final Exams

Tweet In the coming weeks you will be preparing for your final exams. Like many students, you may find yourself cramming during the days leading up to your finals in

Personal Advice

Summer Job Ideas for College Students

Tweet Summer will be here before you know it and with it comes a lot more free time than you have seen in nearly nine months. Summer is a great

Campus News

Federal Government Hits Corinthian Colleges With Enormous Fine

Tweet For-profit colleges and universities remain under the watchful eye of the U.S. Department of Education, a federal entity established in 1979 under President Jimmy Carter. This cabinet-level department of

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Boston College Faithful to Pay Big Bucks for Fenway Notre Dame Game

Tweet Boston College and the University of Notre Dame are no strangers when it comes to college football. The large Roman Catholic universities first played in 1975, a game won

Career Planning

7 After College Tips for Graduating Students

Tweet Tassel turning time will soon be here and that means nearly two million people will get their associate, bachelor’s, master’s or other advanced degree. For most students, that means

Education Tips

How to Mentor a College Student

Tweet If you are a college graduate, you may have been approached by your alumni group for financial remuneration. Furthermore, you may have also been asked to mentor one or

College Planning

7 College Wait List Strategies

Tweet You have just learned that you are in the equivalent of college purgatory. In other words, you have been wait listed by your top college choice. Neither accepted nor

Education Tips

How to Handle College Rejection

Tweet You have applied to the college of your dreams and have just received the dreaded thin envelope from the admissions office. Had the letter been thick, you would have