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  • Competitive Rates for Undergraduates:
    competitive interest rates start from 4.00% APR to 10.86% APR. 1 Fixed rates also available: 5.74% APR to 11.85% APR 1
  • Competitive Rates for Graduates:
    competitive interest rates start from 4.00% APR to 8.91% APR. 1 Fixed rates also available: 5.74% APR to 8.56% APR 1
  • No origination fees and no prepayment penalty
  • Pay now or later —defer your payments until after school or choose an in-school repayment option that fits your needs 1
  • Borrow up to 100% of your school-certified cost of attendance 3

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We encourage students and families to start with savings, grants, scholarships, and federal student loans to pay for college. Students and families should evaluate all anticipated monthly loan payments, and how much the student expects to earn in the future, before considering a private student loan.

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