Freshmen: keep up the grades

it is all about grades

Almost all freshmen don't think about college until they get to become seniors. Then they wish they had better grades. So don't make the mistake. Study hard and "keep those grades up".

Below are four (4) quick summary tasks for HS freshmen:

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tasks for HS freshmen

Keeping Up the Grades

College seems so far away, so why think about it now?

Several reasons:

  1. Keep Your Grades Up:
    your grades during your Freshman to Senior years will determine whether you qualify for some schools or not. Academic scores do count. It is important to develop good study and planning skills.

  2. Take the Right Courses:
    many colleges require completion of academic courses in math, science, english, etc. Now is the time to find out what is required so that you can plan the course structure for your sophomore through senior years.

  3. Get acquainted with your HS guidance counselor:
    they can help you design an academic plan through high school. Schedule a meeting with them to discuss your academic plans.

  4. Plan Your Finances:
    colleges don't come cheap, so what is your financial plan? Preparing yourself now by saving and working summer jobs can help defray some of the costs.

  5. Prepare for the Entrance Exam:
    most colleges require entrance exams, usually referred to as that SAT and/or ACT. You should begin thinking about those exams and prepare yourself for taking them during your Junior and Senior years.

tasks for HS freshmen

Internet Guides

Prepare yourself for college:

  • Make the most of high school. has tips on what you should do to get the most out of your high school

  • College admission offices prefer candidates that have good academic scores and who are involved in outside activities. Get involved with Junior Achievement for skill and extracurricular development
planning your future
visit collegeboard for review

tasks for HS freshmen

Review College Exams

Get with your guidance counselor (or teachers, if you don't have access to a guidance counselor) about the following college exams:

  1. Advanced Placement
    you should consider taking Advanced Placement Exams or CLEP tests in your Junior and Senior years. This allows you to test out of some college courses that can save you time and money.
  2. College Entrance Exams
    almost all colleges and some trade programs require a college entrance exam for admission. These exams measure your ability to understand college-level materials.
about the two college entrance exams
about the SAT exam
about the ACT exam

tasks for HS freshmen

Research Job Trends

Research future career opportunities to help decide what you want out of college. Find out what jobs are going to be hot and what jobs are not.

This will help decide whether to go to college, vocational school or jump right into your career.

some helpful resources
occupational outlook
employment projections
state-by-state labor statistics
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